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Atatürk and Unity Movements/Goals

If a union is to be talked about, Turkey should develop options through politics, together with its neighbors. Each of these alternatives was actually   foreseen by Great Atatürk .  I wonder what the circles trying to find Atatürk ‘s words about the European Union think about these alternatives?  Atatürk did not say a word about unity with European countries; but not a word is uttered about his words about establishing a union with the Balkan countries in the form of the “Balkan Union” and with the Middle Eastern countries, the “Sadabad Pact” and with Iraq and Syria, and about the rise of Asia and Europe’s point of view towards the Turks (1).

Atatürk ‘s statement “Culture and economy are the bases that give direction to all kinds of politics” clearly shows the goals of unity. Cultural and economic similarities/differences are indicators of which countries these unions will take place.

There is no need for Turkey to look for an alternative to the EU. The EU has an alternative, and that is Turkey itself. EU countries are the continuation of the Western Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire; Istanbul, Turkey is located at the center of the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire. The reason why you can’t find an alternative to the EU finds its answer in Yunus Emre’s lines:

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Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but it is necessary to ask which Rome. Because the Romans were never united again after they separated. And at the center of Eastern Rome, the new Rome, was Istanbul, Turkey. The New Rome could not digest the Latin invasion (1204-1261), and the Old Rome could never digest the new Rome’s arrival at the gates of Vienna.

Turkey’s political/economic union, which was embodied in a much wider area during the Ottoman Empire period, was disintegrated in a 200-year period starting from the 17th century, together with the capitalist movement developed by the European powers. Agreements ending this political union; It was written in European capitals such as Paris, London, and Berlin.

In fact, this process, which was left unfinished due to the failure of Greece, which was attacked by England in Anatolia, is desired to be completed by the EU. The Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, Balkans and Turks, who were the elements of the old political union, were turned against the Turks, thus preventing the re-establishment of the opposite political power/unity. In order not to re-establish this union, areas of hostility/minds were created in the Balkans (Greeks), Middle East (Arabs), Caucasus (Armenians) from the union basins.

From the attack of Greece and Anatolia in the Balkans by the British secret services, to the publication of propaganda books (Blue Book) by scientists (Arnold Tonybee) to support the Armenian claims in the Caucasus; He pioneered the use of archaeologists (Lawrence, Gertrude Bell), linguists and ancient Egypt experts for these purposes, in order to end the Turkish presence in the Middle East. While the Greeks were attacking the west of Anatolia and the Armenians the east, it was aimed to dump the Turks, who would be stuck in Central Anatolia, into the sea from the Black Sea.

Then, conflict traps (Cyprus, the so-called genocide) were created and genocide scenarios were written in order to prevent reunification with the Greeks and Armenians, the leading elements of the destroyed political union.

 Why are these goals ignored, although Atatürk’s goals for unity are clearly stated? The phrase “Peace at Home, Peace in the World” is especially directed towards our relations with our neighbors, to be at peace with our neighbors. Being at peace with our neighbors depends on being in unity in “culture and economy” and producing a policy that will create this unity.

Turkey seems to have given up on all the union breakthroughs it led by taking the initiative because of its EU passion; where is the BSEC breakthrough, Balkan Pact/Entente, Sadabad Pact, ECO?. All these initiatives have been sacrificed to the passion of the EU. While EU alternatives are underestimated, Turkey actually underestimates itself.

While the share of Turkey from the trade volume of approximately 1.3 trillion dollars of the countries of the Five Regions is 3%, the share of the EU countries with which it has a Customs Union is 1% of the trade volume of 5.8 trillion dollars. If a 5% share is targeted in the trade of the countries of the Five Regions, a volume higher than our trade volume with the EU will be achieved.

When the subject is approached in terms of sub-regions, the highest rate is the share taken from the trade with the Caucasian countries with 9.8%.

While the share taken from the foreign trade of the Balkan countries is only 2.6%, the share from the foreign trade of the Middle East/North African countries is 3.1%. Regional power, not without trade; It is obvious that there is no power. These rates are “the largest in the Balkans and the Middle East…” It is a clear indication of how the phrase “like” has been emptied and that Turkey, the largest economy of both regions, does not actually exist in the region.

TRADE WITH FIVE REGIONS (billion dollars)








































Source: International Trade Statistics 2004, World Trade Organization
Atatürk’s Testament: “ We want the union (union) we want to establish to be far above the unions (unions) in history”

What are the following words of Atatürk , about the goals of unity, made in 1938, eight months before his death, if not a testament?

“The Balkan alliance is an ideal that we have sincerely focused on for a long time. I am happy to see this ideal expanding and surveying more and more over a wide area every day. In this regard, the great services and achievements of the people who lead and manage the allied Balkan states and their loyalty to the alliance are highly appreciated. Today, even in this form, I believe that the unified state of the Balkans, which is pleasing to all of us, will one day take a perfect shape that many people do not even remember.

On the way to this high ideal, we observe that even the great services of the press continue to depend on the patronage of the heads of the allied states. I wish the press of the Balkan nations to consider this high ideal as their own and to work with all their means for the realization of this ideal. I should also repeat that the press has performed its duty in the same way until now.

It has been seen in history that other nations in the world have formed unions and lived together for centuries. We want the union (union) we want to establish to be far above the unions (unions) in history.

The main cornerstone of such a historical ideal does not remain only in temporary policy principles. The main cornerstones of this are necessary so that it is full of culture and economy ore. Because culture and economy are the bases that guide all kinds of politics.

The bright days we are probably waiting for are not even far from us. Those who will come after us will of course testify to the brightness of those days with happiness.” (It was said on the wishes of the Balkan journalists at the tea feast given in the Çankaya mansion.  Mustafa Kemal Atatürk February 27, 1938)

Atatürk ‘s speech read by Celal Bayar at the opening of the 5th term of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on November 1, 1938  is again a testament to unity.

“Balkan politics is the clearest expression of the individual and common interests of the Balkans, and the strengthening of each of the Balkan nations is an active example of the dynamic understanding of peace.
An event that I would like to record here with pleasure has been a powerful factor in bringing the Balkan nations closer together. And it is a work that promises hope for tomorrow. It is understood that I want to talk about the agreement signed in Thessaloniki on behalf of the Balkan Treaty States between the President of the Council and the Prime Minister of Greece, Genaral Metaksas, and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Monsieur Köse Ivanef. This is the auspicious result of our unremitting efforts towards an agreement and the sound policy followed by the Balkan states. Again, the same facts, the same dynamism and the same lofty goals have shown that the signatories of the Sadabat Treaty (*) know how to base their relations on new and fruitful principles by destroying the superstitions that are the legacy of the past.

Where are those days, the “bright days that should be passed with happiness”?

Where are the legacy owners? When will we implement the will of Great Atatürk ?
in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East/North Africa, Central Asia, Russia/Ukraine; in short, when will he establish troops that will be “far ahead (above) the historical unions” in the “Five Seas Region” in which we are located; When will we implement what we have established?

(*) Treaty between Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq

(1) Balkan Union
“There is a need for a Balkan Union. Let me go on a trip to the Balkans as the leader of the party (CHP). Let me have a talk with the Balkan statesmen and prepare the public opinion. We must establish a Balkan Union. I see dark clouds on the horizons of the world. If the Balkan Union can be established, a European Union will be opened. Sooner or later, it will be necessary for the Western states to unite. The Balkan Union should be an economic, cultural, political and military union. There will be no borders. Every nation will preserve its national existence in accordance with the principles of democracy. One state, one army. A National Assembly composed of deputies of every nation. A President of the nation is elected every two or four years in turn. (1932 Source: Atatürk Encyclopedia, May Publications, C.1 P.166-167)

Confederation with Syria and Iraq

“The people of Syria and the people of Iraq, that is, Arabia before 1914, were known to us when we were on the same border… In any case, the Syrians were convinced that the relations of any state with foreigners would eventually become captivity for them. That’s why they trusted us. The form we showed to our mutual response consisted of this. We said that we no longer want to waste human resources (human resources) and beneficial general interests (general interests) whose borders are within our national borders. However, since the Union will constitute a force, we certainly welcome the whole world to be an ally and a ally, as well as materially, of Islam, and that is why we are independent within our own borders, just as we are independent.Syrians can also be free and independent within their borders and on the basis of national sovereignty. We can establish contact with us in a form above the entente or alliance, which is called federative or confederative…. As for Iraq: The treatment of the British in Iraq has marred the people of Islam. Before we contacted them, they sought contact with us and accepted to be a part of the Ottoman country as before. But we did nothing against them other than saying the same point of view we said to the Syrians. Become an independent State with your own existence within yourself, with your own kuva. First of all, we are trying to ensure our independence.After that, there will be no obstacle for us to unite and the hearts of our coreligionists in these two regions, both Iraqis and Syrians, are with us, regardless of their appearance, even today, in Mosul, around Baghdad, and in many other places. It is possible to make maximum use of them if they are used for their reasons after this…” (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)

Middle Asia

“Today the Soviet Union is our friend. It is our neighbor. It is our ally. We need this friendship. But no one can predict what will happen tomorrow. It can crumble and crumble just like the Ottoman Empire, just like Austria-Hungary. The nations that they hold tightly in their hands today may escape from their palms tomorrow. World may reach a new balance. That’s when Turkey should know what to do… Under the administration of this friend of ours, we have brothers with one language, one faith, and one core. We must be willing to protect them. Being ready is not just being silent and waiting for that day. You need to be prepared. How do people prepare for it? By keeping their spiritual bridges intact. Language is a bridge… Faith is a bridge… History is a bridge… We must go down to our roots and unite in our history divided by events.We need to approach them…” “Today, the Soviet Union is our friend, our neighbor, our ally. We need this friendship; but no one can predict what will happen tomorrow; it can be disintegrated, crumbled, just like the Ottoman Empire, just like Austria-Hungary; The nations that he holds tightly in his hands today can escape from his palms. World may reach a new balance. That’s when Turkey should know what to do. We, this friend of ours, have brothers whose language is the same and whose essence is the same. We must be ready to own them. Being ready is not just keeping quiet and waiting for that day; need to be prepared. How do nations prepare for it; keeping their spiritual bridges intact. Language is a bridge, faith is a bridge. We must go down to our roots and integrate into our history, which is divided by events. We cannot wait for them, the outside Turks, to approach us.we need to approach them.” (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, 29 October 1933)

“I am looking at the sun that will now rise from the Orient… Just as I see the day dawning today, I see the awakening of all eastern nations from afar. The rebirth of their (Oriental Nations) will undoubtedly result in progress and prosperity.” (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, 1933)

“For centuries, our enemies have spread the ideas of hostility towards the Turks among the European communities. These ideas that settled in the minds of Westerners created a special mentality. Despite everything and all events, this mentality still exists. In Europe, the Turks are still regarded as hostile to all kinds of development, and unfit for development in terms of moral and intellectual aspects. (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 27.09.1923) 


(3 MARCH 1922)

              Dear Sirs,

              The joy I feel at being present at the feast held by His Lord Aralof to strengthen our friendship is immense. Comrade Aralof is already worthy of great respect and affection from all of us on the occasion of being the valuable representative of our friend Russian Council Government. But Comrade Aralof has even won a special place in our hearts with his lovely and friendly personality.

It is known that the mutual affection of individuals often helps to increase the friendship and love between the societies they belong to. I am confident that Comrade Aralof will succeed in their high duties in this regard.

Gentlemen, the people of today’s Russian delegation brought about a great revolution five years ago. The aim of this revolution was to fight against the cruel and harmful entities gathered under the name and title of imperialism and capitalism. All oppressed humanity, whose names and attributes I have mentioned before you, complained about their existence, the nature of which is fully understood today. They felt in their hearts a deep and fierce hatred for them, a desire for resurrection. But masters, the beginning of every business is difficult. Those who succeed in bringing this beginning are commendable. By embarking on this beginning, the Russian revolutionaries left a holy name among humanity. This revolution opened the attention and foresight of all innocent and oppressed people. Because Russia had guided them to get rid of oppression and passion.During the Tsarist period, the Russians directly granted the freedom, law and independence they desired to the tribes that were groaning under the chain of captivity within the borders of Russia. He found this freedom, law and independence worthy of obedience. There is no doubt that this sincerity of Russians is developing day by day.

Three years ago, the people of Turkey felt the need and obligation to rise and revolt. Even this nation had seen its existence, its independence, encroached upon by the invaders.
Now I have to admit that at the moment of this uprising and this uprising, we did not think about the meaning of imperialism and capitalism as in Russia. We only realized the forces that threatened our very existence.

After the situation developed, it was understood that the forces that threatened us were the presences that caused the revolution in Russia.

Indeed, the imperialists, the capitalists… the invaders, who tried to destroy their existence and independence, took a position against the people of Turkey.

When Turkey and Russia’s goal of resurrection manifested as the same, naturally, strong contact and conversation between the two countries emerged. There is no doubt that unions that come into being under the influence of natural causes are unshakable. Along with these sincere unions between Turkey and Russia, I would like to emphasize that governments such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Bukhara, which are located in the important continent of Asia, were in agreement and agreed.
Our ties with our friends in the East are not intended to deceive the world and achieve results in our own favor. It is just to protect our rights and independence.

There is no doubt that the existing ties will take shape and rise over time. Masters, invading and aggressor states also declared that they would recognize the existence and legitimate rights of nations. Events have shown that they are absolutely liars in this announcement and statement.

Invasive, aggressor and aggressor states regard the earth as their mansion and regard humanity as prisoners who are condemned to work to satisfy their own ambitions. This strange mentality in them is as ridiculous as it is strange.

They consider the humanitarian and just principles they proclaim to be a means of deception, not because they see it as worthy of acceptance, but to isolate the mass of humanity that they have been dominating for years, from their weapons and continue to keep them in captivity more easily. There is another motive for this: deceiving each other and extracting more benefits from each other … They compete with each other in deceit.
As a result, the world is divided into two groups. One is East; who realized his own existence, his humanity, his independence; hand in hand with this consciousness.

There is another group that works only to satisfy their own ambitions.

However, since their purpose is not for the good of humanity and humanity, on the contrary, because it is cruelty and oppression, we consider ourselves right to curse them.

Masters, as long as this group is in a position of power and might, it is impossible for them to show mercy and compassion to the oppressed. It is a great mistake to believe such a thing. Such a move can only be expected when we isolate these forces from their material and spiritual weapons.
From this point, I will make use of the text of Friend Trotsky’s order to express the course of action that falls to us.

Trotsky mentions in his order the discovery of false hypocrisy in the attempts of the imperialists and the measures to be taken against it. Addressing his army, Trotsky says, “The only solution to ensure the position and independence of the Russian Council Government is the conscious solidarity of the Red Armies.”

I add the following to this sentence: There is a common front, not only in Russia, but also in Russia, which separates the east from the west and extends from north to south, against the group of harmful and poisonous brains that haunt us. Being able to defend on this front will be possible with the genuine and sincere solidarity of the nations that have been at odds with one another. This solidarity is naturally present among us today. However, the states included in this solidarity must be strong on their own, and must be specialized and equipped with the idea of ​​independence.

Therefore, we all have to have separate forces and ensured our administrative independence. The West will only have to surrender its weapons in the face of this force and will put an end to this inhumane treatment, cruelty and tyranny. It doesn’t take long for this to happen. The distance to be covered will decrease as long as mutual trust, sincerity and affection are maintained.

Comrade Aralof took the purity of the water in his glass as an example and declared that the love and sincerity between the two nations was as pure as this. I will express the same example in another way: The water in this glass is the result of the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, our bond must be as tight as the unity of these elements. This sincere night I spent with Comrade Aralof will be among my most precious memories. Thank them. As a token of our friendship, I present my hand on behalf of my friends and with the permission of my ambassador brothers. (Shouts of applause)


Today, the Turkish Grand National Assembly was happy to hear the statements of His Excellency Firunze, the Extraordinary Envoy of the Republic of Ukraine Social Council to Turkey, which will leave a mark on our independence history.

The members of the assembly listened to these statements with great pleasure and appreciation and applauded almost every sentence of the statement. This event took place in a landscape that does not resemble the sham demonstrations, mixed with lies and hypocrisy and forever distanced itself from sincerity, during the rule of the imperialist governments, on the wreckage of which we are placing the principle of direct domination of the fate of the nations, on the wreckage, and which is evidence of the deep sincerity of the two friendly countries.
It deeply touched all the members present in the Assembly. In order to conclude a peace treaty with us and to establish and further strengthen the political, economic and other relations between us, the Government of the Republic of Ukraine, one of the most important and adult politicians, one of the most worthy and heroic commanders of the Red Army, who is still the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian armies, told us at such a time. In particular, the fact that he informed us of this decision on the eve of the Battle of Sakarya, at a time when our enemies announced to the world that our final collapse was imminent, was considered as the strongest proof of loyalty and sincerity, which is the most important in our relations today, and was deemed worthy of thanks by the National Assembly.

Valuable statements of His Excellency, from beginning to end, and parts of our opportunistic enemy, Greece, about the most brutal and hateful murders in the occupied parts of our country, served as a consolation that eased our deep pain on this issue.
I repeat that this valuable solidarity, which is a great source of strength for us in our struggle for independence, is the most obvious support for us to achieve our lofty goal , and I hereby extend the greetings and love of the Grand National Assembly, the only representative of Turkey.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal asd:c. IV-s.
422-423/20.12.1921/About the statement of the Ukrainian Ambassador Firunze read in the Parliament.


The rulers of the Turkish Republic today know the meaningless blind fights of the past and do not want to repeat them in any way or for any reason.

The rulers of today’s Republic of Turkey especially wish the Iranians, whom they believe with new historical documents, to be a regular, disciplined and strong state.

I believe that Reza Shah, who is the head of the Iranian state today, is at the head of those who know this truth. The events seen on the common borders never make me doubt about Rıza Khan. Because I remember that His Holiness Pahlavi sincerely believed that such problems would be eliminated with our joint efforts, that we would join forces for this purpose, and that he expressed his views on this issue as a work of friendship.

In this case, your mission in Tehran will build a lofty kinship building on the already high and solid foundations of Turkish and Iranian friendship.

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