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Leadership, Bilge Tonyukuk

Dear Levent Ağaoğlu,

I wholeheartedly accept your opinion that Tonyukuk’s political activity and heroism should be examined from all sides. This personality is truly worthy of deep study, because with his activities he made a significant contribution to the development of the Old Turkish State and to its historical role in the world.

You probably know that I conduct field research every summer in Central Asia and Southern Siberia aimed at discovering monuments from the ancient Turkish period. I tried to go through the route of Tonyukuk’s war campaign a year ago. This road, which stretches along the Ona (Ani) river from the Western Sayan mountain chain, is still very difficult today, some parts of it cannot be reached by a vehicle, it can only be crossed on horseback or on foot with narrow paths.

Canvas hunters showed me the plain around Kara-Hol lake on this road and where, according to local legends, the great battle took place. There is a large cemetery belonging to the Turkish period on the plain in question. I found Turkish runic inscriptions in the same place and now I am working on the reading of these inscriptions. Apart from the expedition known to be carried out by Tonyukuk against the Kyrgyz, no information was recorded about any military incidents in this region.

The first subject that I can offer you is the description and map of the route that the Turkish army probably made.

The second subject will come from reading the runic inscriptions I discovered in this area.

The third subject is the final point of Tonyukuk’s war campaign and the pitched battle he fought with the Kyrgyz Khagan. I know the plain in Khakassia where the residence of the Kyrgyz Khagan Bars-Beg is located. In that plain, the army led by Tonyukuk found the Kyrgyz in a state of sleep. In the plain, according to local myths, there is a stone showing the scheme of the pitched battle, and inscriptions and other things related to these events have been discovered.

If you are interested in my suggestions above, please let me know the time you plan for the preparation of these materials and pictures. On the other hand, I would like you to consider that I will be very busy with other works in the next two months and that I can only start these studies in December.

Best regards and best wishes,

prof. Dmitri Vasiliev



Dear Scholar;

The Tonyukuk Inscription is the Zero Point of Our Civilization; It is the zero stone of Zero Stone in Istanbul, 8000 km away; with his sole power of wisdom, his Divine Wisdom; He is the one who announces Kutadgu Bilig.

As you know, unfortunately, there is not even a doctoral dissertation published about Tonyukuk. If the bibliography can be useful in this regard and can direct young people who will prepare thesis to Tonyukuk, I will feel extremely happy.

I would like to thank you for your close interest and pioneering support in examining and evaluating our first thinker, Tonyukuk, who was honored with the title of wisdom from various aspects of science.

Best regards, Levent Ağaoğlu

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