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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trivet in Turkish Intellectual History (3): Ancient Missions and Visions Over 2200 Years

Our Civilization of Contemplation

Missionary/Visionary Thinkers

  • States, Empires
  • Geographies, Basins

How much contemplation

He is so grateful

how contemplative

So many states

So much empire

So much geography

Summary; Power in contemplation; when you are complete and contemplative…

When we reach our ancient history of more than 2200 years, the ten Magnificent Thinkers who will shine like the stars of the realms forever; that carried us to this day and that will illuminate our path and directions in the 3000’s; Our unquenchable horizons are our banners.

1- Oguz Kagan
2- Bilge Tonyukuk
3- Yusuf Has Hacip
4- Imam-i Azam Ebu Hanife
5- Nizamülmülk
6- Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han
7- Yavuz Sultan Selim Han
8- Katip Çelebi
9- Evliya Çelebi
10- Mimar Sinan

Our Thinkers of Ages;

  • They laid out the Founding Mission;
  • They eliminated China and Iran, our historical enemies,
  • They kept Europe under constant pressure,
  • Having united faith and reason, they formed the largest sect of Islam and brought together a huge geography where our hearts beat in the same direction and our hearts united,
  • They wrote our constitutions,
  • They published the State Ordinance,
  • They crossed the Seas and Rivers and united the Continents.

The enemies of our Civilization of Contemplation are at the point reached;

  • By making their choices in the direction of Domination (Hegemony), they became sterile in the dimension of contemporaneity and remained far from the level of perfection;
  • They developed an exclusionary identity with a self-centered Sinocentric, Aryan, Euro understanding,
  • They have not even reached the stage of village democracy, which cannot even elect their headman (China),
  • turned into a religious/military organization under the attack of a religious class (mullahs) (Iran),
  • While they were developing and growing their own troops, they exported chaos to the countries around them with the constant divide/conquer myopia.
  • in the last decade they have transformed the European Union into German Hegemony (Europe),
  • They targeted Turkey’s regional power by adding China to the anti-Ottoman Euro-Iranian Alliance from history.

The Turkish equivalent of the philosopher is BİLGE.

  • The equivalent of “Philosopher Emperors”  (Marcus Aurelius, Julianus Apostat) in the Roman Empire  Oğuz Kagan, Bilge Kagan and  “Philosopher Popes”  (Gerbertus Aureliacensis, Silvester II, Petrus Hispanus II, Ioannes XXI, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pius ) in our civilization  , Leo XIII) corresponds to  Bilge Tonyukuk, Gazali, Nizamülmülk, Yusuf Has Hacib, Kınalızade, Şeyh Edebali, Hacı Bektaşı Veli, Ahmet Cevdet Pasha .


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