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Hong Kong and China Travels

Istanbul and Hong Kong

  • 15 years ago, Istanbul did not look like Hong Kong at all, it is very similar now, shopping malls, consumer society.
  • Hong Kong serves three continents: Asia, America, Australia
  • Istanbul serves three continents: Europe, Asia, Africa
  • Chinese flights from Istanbul
  • They started at 8.8.1998.
  • China: Central Country (Zhong Gou)
  • 1978-2028: 50-year plan

An important similarity between Hong Kong and Istanbul is related to HUMAN VALUE:

  • An important part of the population of Hong Kong was the Shanghai refugees who fled Shanghai and kidnapped their capital with the entry of Mao’s Red Army.
  • Istanbul is also enriched by immigrants who emigrated from Rumelia (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia) and refugees from Greece.
  • Refugee psychology and the traumas they have experienced have led people to become more connected to life, to be more hardworking and productive in their work.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the highest price in exports to 50 countries was in the Chinese market.
  • I learned Mandarin Chinese to localize in a global Marketplace.
  • I worked directly with customers to be “face to face with the market“
  • I used the Chinese name (Ai Li Min-ring service people)

Difference of Culture

  • When I went to the showroom opening of my Chinese customer, I was very surprised that the host Mr.Ng had taken the first piece of the whole chicken brought out and ate it in the atmosphere full of guests.
  • When I asked my Chinese secretary about the reason, he said that the chicken was a symbol of fertility and that his office ate the first meal because it was faithful to bring fertility.

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