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Hikmet Özdemir (Political Scientist)

Political scientist (b. 1951, Kahramanmaraş). He is a graduate of the Turkey Middle East Institute of Public Administration. He received a doctoral degree from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences. He worked at Turkish Scientific and Technical Studies Foundation for 10 years. He conducted a postdoctoral study in London at the Schools of Asia and Africa and became a professor. He served as the consultant of vice-Prime Minister in the coalition of Right Path Party-Social-Democrat Popular Party, and as the first-counselor of the President, Turgut Özal. He worked as a lecturer in Kırıkkale University, Department of History.

Political science professor Hikmet Özdemir was born in Kahramanmaraş. He completed the Public Administration undergraduate program of the Public Administration Institute of Turkey and the Middle East in Ankara; Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences
He received the title of doctor of public administration and political science from the university.

He served in TÜBİTAK, Prime Ministry and Presidency; He later worked at Kırıkkale, Başkent, Kocaeli universities and as a full-time professor at the Turkish Historical Society.

He studied at the University of London with a British Chevening scholarship, at Georgetown University with a Fulbright scholarship, in the UK and US state archives, and in the League of Nations archives in Switzerland.

Government-military relations in Turkey, leadership in times of war and crisis; His 46 books were published under the titles of the development of politics and constitutional institutions and Armenians in the world war.


Kalkınmada Bir Strateji Arayışı-Yön Hareketi (A Search for a Strategy of Development- the Movement of Direction, 1986), Sol Kemalizm (The Leftist Kemalism, 1993), Rejim ve Asker (The Regime and the Army, 1993), Ordunun Olağandışı Rolü (The Extraordinary Role of the Army, 1994), Tarih ve Politika (History and Politics, 1995), Üçüncü Türkiye (Third Turkey, 1995), Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish Republic, 1995). 

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