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Göbeklitepe inspired Music by Oytun Bektaş

A fascinating work inspired by the new album Göbeklitepe by musician Oytun Bektaş living in Australia  . Bektaş says that like the first humans, he turned his face to the sky, which is a field of discovery for history.
Göbeklitepe inspired music


I wanted to liberate with melodies

Göbeklitepe, located in Şanlıurfa, is also a mystical and fascinating place… Bektaş has successfully reflected the existence and historical mission of Göbeklitepe. While listening to the approximately one-hour recording, you can close your eyes and feel yourself 12 thousand years ago and take a stroll among those fascinating columns. Bektaş says he set out with the idea of ​​an artistic description of the oldest known remains of human history: “It’s a very impressive place, like a door to the past. Under the influence of this mysticism, the harmonic structure of the album took shape very quickly.

Because it has its own feeling, a structure, and the fact that it belongs to a period that is not yet fully known allowed me to pour the obscurity there into melodies. By reflecting this obscurity and mysticism to my music, I present Göbeklitepe to the audience,I wanted to make the presence of the past feel and liberate them with melodies inspired by this mystical place.” Bektaş adds that he directly conveys his feelings, saying that he wrote these melodies by taking Göbeklitepe out of the perception of just a touristic area to be visited and focusing on the unknown of human history, a nothingness or the experiences of a DNA to which we belong.

The “Göbeklitepe” album is already a  film even entered the orbit of the company. Oytun Bektaş says that they are in the process of making an agreement for a film project. The album was symbolically printed as 50 cassettes, especially for collectors. The album, which is sold digitally and physically on Bandcamp, can be accessed on other music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

faith is grounded in the sky; Even when… Even though we won’t be able to find any evidence, I am sure that the civilization living in Göbeklitepe was also looking at the sky and trying to understand what they saw, maybe even understanding, and they were inspired by the stars and the cosmos. This cosmic bond I thought brought me closer to Göbeklitepe and I completed the composing process by enlivening the experience there.”





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