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The man who loved and made love with philosophy

by Doğan Hızlan


He was from the generation that said and wrote what they knew and believed, and paid the price for it without complaining.

When I knew him, there was a book exhibition in the Booksellers ‘ Bazaar , if I remember correctly, they were exhibiting books on a large table.

Later, he rented a shop and opened Elif Bookstore .

You can find the details of his life in Zuhal Köseoğlu ‘s A Heartfelt Conversation with a Philosopher’s Lover .

I owe some of what I read to my librarian friends and some to good, knowledgeable booksellers.

Arslan Kaynardag,It was that kind of bookstore.

But he wrote.

When we went, he would recommend us books and enlighten us about what we should read and why.

The first book I bought from him was The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant . I spent a New Year’s Eve with the happiness that book gave me. * * * I believe that KNOWLEDGEABLE people are useful to the society as long as they share their knowledge with others. He also told what he knew, wrote, and made philosophy and philosophers love it.

If many people took an interest in philosophy and learned about the philosophers in Turkey, his share in this is great.

Kaynardağ, describes as follows the philosophy of the speech I cited the above-name:

“Philosophy of human thought, as enlighten, inform on information and important aspects of the culture, questioning the concept also teaches. Know that we have known many of the concepts that we think will occur by doing philosophy.

What’s true, in what was an artificial problem was better understood with philosophy.”

He published forty-three issues of Book Belleten .

As Mustafa Günay stated, he worked for the institutionalization of philosophy.

Many philosophy symposiums were dedicated to him, and he attended those meetings as the guest of honor.

In Doğan Özlem ‘s article, A Study Without Example in Our Philosophy World: Conversations with Philosophers , he explains the importance of Arslan Kaynardağ ‘s interviews and the function of the book:

“Kaynardağ’s interviews not only inform the reader about the lives and philosophical views of the eight professors interviewed, It also gives him an idea of ​​the cultural atmosphere of the half-century between 1980 and 1980.”

* * *

IT will celebrate the book, we’ll remember us for the love of philosophy.

My source:

A Gift to Arslan Kaynardağ, Institutionalization of Philosophy in Turkey.

Edited by: Mustafa Günay, İlya Publishing House.


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