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Far Aways Beyond Turkey: Korea by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller-, NTV

South Korea’s glorious rise … Time Traveller-Fars 23 November 2019

It was born from the ashes of war… It invested in education, science and technology. It became the new reference of the world. South Korea’s glorious rise, “Korean Wave – Hallyu”, Korean pop music groups, international interest in Korean dramas… “Time Traveler – Far Away” tells the success story of South Korea. “Time Traveler Far Away” with Ahmet Yeşiltepe will be on NTV on Saturday, 23 November at 23.15.

The brotherhood of Koreans and Turks … Time Traveler-Fars 9 November 2019

Prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller Far Away starts on Saturday, November 9 at 23.15 on NTV. “Time Traveler” again follows a very different route in the history of culture. “Distants” travels to places in Japan and South Korea that are not included in any documentary, sheds light on little-known historical events about Turkey and Turks, and presents extraordinary sections from the cultural life of these countries.

Many cultural experiences that the audience will discover, accompanied by stunning views from South Korea and Japan, are displayed on these journeys from the bottom past to the present day. The Blood Relatives of Turks and Koreans As a strange twist of history, extraordinary stories from the “Salsu War”, in which Turks and Koreans fought side by side against a common enemy 13 centuries ago, to the Battles of Kunuri, from Korean popular culture to traditional cuisine, are among the topics of the first episode.

Scanning the South Korean archives, examining the Hun and Gokturk artifacts and objects of the National Archaeological Museum, and researching the private collections of local museums, “Time Traveler” brings the unity and brotherhood of Turks and Koreans dating back 13 centuries to the screen with its original narration. From the World of the Samurai to Japan’s Surprising Cuisine Japanese culture, history, cuisine, anime and manga trends and historical ties between Japan and Turkey are among the important titles of this series.

“Ertuğrul Frigate and Turkish-Japanese relations”, which is recorded as the biggest disaster in Turkish maritime history, will be on the screen. Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, the 1000-year-old capital of the emperors, and the stories of the Heian Period, which adds finesse and aesthetics to every work, are also the subject of this episode. Samurai history, Geisha culture, the making of a samurai sword with the martial arts Aikido and Iaido; Katana manufacturing creates the most interesting visuals of Japan sections.

Traditional Japanese cuisine will also be covered, from sushi making to tea ceremonies, from Kobe beef to traditional sweet Wagashi shops. “Time Travelers Far Away” with Ahmet Yeşiltepe starts on Saturday, November 9th at 23.15 on NTV.

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