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Turkish Intellectual History: Geographies and Basins

The first ancient concepts of our Civilization of Contemplation began to form in the Yenisei Basin (Siberia, Russia) in the Altays in 3000 BC, from there to the Orkhon Basin (Mongolia) and then the 2000-year-old culture and civilization in the Yellow River Basin (China) accumulated in 1000 BC. The Hun State, which was the first Turkish State, was founded by Oğuz Kağan in the early 200s BC, after he moved to the Ordos region and formed the idea of ​​the Chu State, which was the first Chinese State.

On the way to the Turkestan oases (Turfan, Kaşgar, Yarkent, Kuça, Hotan), the civilization that will come to light began to emerge with the works of Kaşgarlı Mahmud and Yusuf Has Hacip in the 1000s AD.

The journey to the West continued with Transoxiana – Great Horasan – Caspian Basins this time; There was a golden age between 700 and 1100, when the great thinkers of Turkish culture grew up; Ancient concepts have been enriched with Islam.

Before the last Rumeli stop on our Ancient Journey, we reached the region surrounded by the Five Seas and reached Anatolia, Mesopotamia and the Nile tribes, and the Cihan State drawn by Oğuz Kağan at the beginning.

“Let the sun be a flag, the sky is a tent”

mission; It was based in Rumelia, and dominance was established in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Old world/Middle of the world

The Mediterranean region; The region surrounding the Mediterranean.

· 10 BC / 3rd by 5th century BC: Nile-Amudarya region
· 5 BC – 5th century AD: Fertile Crescent
AD 700 – 1200 : Darül Islam
Western hegemony; based its hegemony on the middle of the East, the Middle East.

Our civilization is based on the middle of the world. This middle is the Mediterranean.

It is the middle of the old world; Mediterranean, Mediterranea.

Our civilization is of the Old World; It was formed in the Yellow River – Orkhon – Amudarya – Nile – Mediterranean regions.

· East Asia (Karakorum, Karabalsagun, Orhun, Ötüken),
· Central Asia (Turfan, Kucha, Kashgar)
· South Asia (New Delhi, Punjab, Lahore, Agra),
· Transoxiana (Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva),
· Khorasan (Tus, Nishapur),
· Nile (Cairo, Alexandria) And
· Mediterranean (Thessaloniki, Algeria);

Our Islamic Civilization grew in the Mediterranean basin and expanded from Spain to beyond the borders of China.

In the middle of the region between Transoxiana and Andalusia, the Nile river is located.

The distance between Transoxiana and China is the same as the distance between Transoxiana and Andalusia.

It seems that; The borders of our sovereignty areas, which are lined by seas on all four sides, are the Pacific Ocean in the East, and the Indian Ocean in the South; It is surrounded by the Black Sea in the north and the Mediterranean in the west.

Oğuz Kağan’s legacy of “more seas, more rivers” has come true.

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