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The journal Archeology and Art by Nezih Başgelen

by Doğan Hızlan


However, Archeology and Art, despite publishing in an area of ​​interest to a certain audience, enthusiasts and experts, both attracted visitors and aroused interest with its research on a wide area of ​​Anatolia, from its ancient cities to its ruins.

At the TÜYAP Book Fair , the last 129th issue of the 30-year-old magazine is exhibited and its books are presented to the readers.

He is known in this field as Başgelen, editor, writer and researcher.

Archeology and Art Publications, 1983 as the first book Dogan Kuban ‘s Turkish and Islamic Art Essays onhad published. Now the number of books is more than 1000. Archeology and Art Publications maintains a wide variety of publications related to its field. From Nezih Başgelen ‘s Travel Notes to Anatolia to Oktay Ekinci ‘s Urbanist Writings …

Among the books exhibited at the fair, there are books that will not only appeal to academic and scientific experts, but also to the general reader.


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