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Afrasia (Africa-Asia) Union

AFRASIA: Why not the Turkey-based AFB Afrasya (Africa-Asia) Union? From Maghreb to Transoxiana…

  • EU: European Union (Germany)
  • AEB: Eurasian Economic Union (Russia)
  • S8: Shanghai Association (China)
  • USA: United States

Map 1: Fertile Crescent

Only Asian and African markets are included in the list of 13 biggest growing countries in 2015.

  • West and North: (-)
  • East and South (+)

Ranking of countries with the most population in 2100

  1. India
  2. Chinese
  3. Nigeria
  4. USA
  5. Congo
  6. Pakistan
  7. Indonesia
  8. Tanzania
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Niger

Africa 5 countries, Asia 4 countries, America 1 country.

Source: Which countries are taking us to a world of 11 billion? World Economic Forum

Population growth in this century will be dominated by Africa. Source: Reddit

The Middle East was the key point of Atlantic Europe/England.

The key point of Pacific Asia is AFRASIA.

The Western family, which the USA “paternized”, has disintegrated. There is no longer a transatlantic cross, but Afrasia, Africa and the Pacific.”

Neither Shanghai,
nor Eurasia,
nor Brussels,
nor the Atlantic

Turkey should form a new union with its unique location at the intersection of 3 continents.


Map 2: Buffer Zone


Map 3: Afrasia: Map of Ibn Battuta’s Travels from Africa (Tanji, Morocco)

While the power struggle of UN 5 in Africa continues with England in the east of the continent and France in the west, the main struggle in the Black Continent is between the USA and China.

Map 4: Africa 1914

(Source: Kemal Sayar, map of Africa in 1914. A huge continent with German, French, Belgian and British colonies. Look at the names of the countries, British Sudan, Belgian Congo, etc.).


Middle of the World The shores of the Mediterranean are surrounded by harbors always overflowing with ideas; Istanbul, Troy, Miletus, Pergamon, Halicarnassus, Athens, Thessaloniki, Izmir, Ephesus, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Beirut, Piraeus, Alexandria, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Paphos, Haifa, Tripoli, Casablanca, Tunisia, Algeria, Assos, Haifa, Jaffa, The ports of Alanya, Alexandria, Latakia and Tartus are the cities where great thinkers grew up.

Universal thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Ibn Bacce, Ibn Tufeyl, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Batuta, Ibn Haldun, İsmail Hakkı İzmirli, Muhyiddin Kafiyeci from Bergama, Ishak Efendi (Chief Hodja), Hilmi Ziya Ülken, Niyazi Berkes. They are the precursors, the treasures of light, of the Afrasia Civilization emerging from

Cyprus, where Time and Grounds intersect, will bring out a universal Mind from the treasure of these intersections  and will make it available to all humanity.

Despite the European Hegemony, which used external resources that did not belong to it, but achieved dominance for 500 years; Mathematics and rationality of Asia Minor, symbolized by Miletus; Diophantus mathematics symbolized by Alexandria, Pythagorean wisdom (sophia) and Harezmi mathematics symbolized by Baghdad, wisdom of Beytül Hikme; In the Center of the World, Cyprus, the Afrasia Millennium, which has emerged from its own resources since the beginning of the 21st century, is preparing to take its place in history as the 3rd millennium. The richness of thought of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Transoxiana is being reshaped on the island of Cyprus.

Cyprus, an island state, has incredible lessons to be learned from these developments. Cyprus is the island of thought;

  • Greater Asia (Silk Road, Turkestan, Transoxiana, Khorasan, Mesopotamia, Rumelia),
  • Asia Minor (Anatolia),
  • Africa

It will rise to the position of the intellectual center of the Afrasian Millennium by feeding on the legacies of thought.

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