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Ataturk and Humanity

Atatürk, who liberated the Turkish people in Turkey by discovering the human being and its characteristics, this time went in search of the origin of the Turks, and when he determined the genetic diversity in Turkistan (Central Asia) from the books, he reached the concept of HUMANITY from the Turkish people.

Atatürk frequently used the concept of humanity during the 1919-1922 War of Independence and in his 1927 Speech. The concept of humanity was used 81 times in the Encyclopedia of Subjects in Atatürk compiled by Seyfettin Turhan. What is meant is the inhumanity of the West.

The second period in the use of the concept of humanity covers the years between 1930-1938 and the usage here is with the positive meaning of the concept.

It is noteworthy that the concept of humanity is used in different meanings in War and Peace.

Atatürk, who researched Turkish history himself, reached out to Central Asia, where the roots of the Turks are located, as a result of these researches, and developed the Central Asia thesis, the Common Ancestor of Humanity.

These roots were not only the roots of the Turks, but also the roots of all humanity.

Interestingly, Atatürk, who researched the Turks, came to the point of developing the brotherhood of people and humanity thesis from these results.

The point where Turkish History researches came was the Human History researches.

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