Ataturk and Human

1. SWOT Analysis / Atatürk and Human Value: “Individuals regard themselves as valuable and powerful”

Mission & Vision: “My ideas come back from India and Egypt”

Human Value: “However, you should tell me about the man!”

Strengths: “I am only a lover of merit”

  • Knowledge management: “The knowledge army that kneads the future of the nation”
  • Empathy: “By putting our existence into the heart of this nation”
  • Ethics: “Solemn in morality and virtue”
  • Leadership: “I am not ordering you to attack. I command to die”
  • Systematic Research: “Working technically and methodically”
  • Strategies & Tactics: “There is no line defense, there is line defense”
  • Intelligence: “The strongest capital”

Weaknesses: “People whose character and mentality are this weak”

  • Weakness: “Those who are in their negligence, audacity, and dishonesty”
  • Behavioral Disorders: “Accustomed to spending time in majesty and ostentatiousness”
  • Inadequacy: “Always ignorant and poor people”
  • Self-seeking: ”So low as to spy on the enemy’s throat and serve as a servant”
  • Bullying: “The main combat units of a cruel and proud army…”
  • Opportunities: “Value people, not stone and earth!”

2. Atatürk and Humanity: “The intellectual movement directed towards humanity will eventually succeed.”

3. Person Atatürk: “The biggest compliment I have ever heard in my life”

About 700 references dating back to 1905 were compiled from the database, and in the Human Value – Personality Traits analyzes, according to the generally determined steps;

 Mission
 Vision
 Human Value
 Strengths
 Weaknesses
were classified under subheadings.
 An Index containing the Personality Traits Index was created.

SWOT Analysis. Assessment of the situation.

Expected Benefit:

 Human Value
 Strong Personality Traits,
 Weak Personality Traits
 Strategies and determinations

The emergence of a functional source was not surprising for Great Atatürk, considering his genius.

When analyzed in terms of Human Value and Personality criteria, we see a huge inventory of characters and personalities gallery. Around 300 personality traits were mentioned by Atatürk, became the subject of examination, and a rich dictionary and literature containing the concepts of Human Value, Character and Personalities and Humanity emerged.

Atatürk’s dictionary of human personality and characters is extremely wide. NUTUK, his main work, progresses through people and personalities. He does not keep his word in his evaluations about people.




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