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10 Biographical Works Written by Foreign Authors About Atatürk

  • Andrew Mango
  • Klaus Kreiser
  • Paul Gentizon
  • Willy Sperco
  • Ray Brock
  • Norman Itzkowitz
  • Paraşkev Paruşev
  • Benoist Mechin
  • Austin Bay
  • Lord Kinross
On this November 10, where we commemorate the Founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, not only local writers; We explain that foreign writers are naturally Mustafa Kemal fans with the books they have written.

Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ; During his military life, he was highly respected as a military genius by his commanders and comrades. After his military life, he received a rare respect and attention from the leaders of other states with his statesman identity.

Greek leader Eleftherios Venizelos, Atatürk, who defeated him in 1934 ; He was admired enough to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize . Surely, you have heard the praising words of the American, British, French and Japanese heads of state about Atatürk somewhere. Let’s take a look at the top 10 books written by foreign authors about the Great Leader.

Ataturk, Founder of Modern Turkey – Andrew Mango

Andrew Mango

Andrew Mango is a writer of Russian and English descent. Mango, who also worked as a senior manager at the BBC for 14 years , had to do research for 5 years for this work, which tells about Atatürk objectively, and the more he researched, the more he became fascinated.

Ataturk – Klaus Kreiser

Klaus Kreiser

Kreiser, a famous Turkologist and Orientalist (who researches Western and Eastern culture), describes Atatürk in this work as “a soldier who first saw himself as a soldier and a politician who saw himself as the embodiment of the national will; and later on, he is a cultural revolutionary who wants to change religion and language, his understanding of law and history, clothing and music profoundly ”.

Mustafa Kemal and the Awakening East – Paul Gentizon

Paul Gentisone

In this book, written by Paul Gentizon, who was in charge of the Temps newspaper between 1922 and 1928, the author generally compared Atatürk’s revolutions with those of the East; Lists the reasons for Atatürk’s success. Atatürk; The author, who sees himself as the leader of not only Turkey but the whole East with his thoughts and behaviors in the field of civilization ; The title of his book also refers to this.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 1881 – 1938 – Willy Sperco

Willy Sperco

Italian journalist and writer, who followed the First World War from Izmir, in this book about Atatürk; “with the power to determine the future of a nation; He is a determined, determined and honorable person”. It is also worth remembering that Sperco is a writer with the Order of the Italian State.

Ghost Rider – Ray Brock

Ray Brock

On the back cover of this work by Ray Brock, which narrates Atatürk’s life in a novel way, a very meaningful quote from Alexandra Dumas, dedicated to Mustafa Kemal, is quoted: “Two things make me love life: Freedom and love! I give my life for love; but I give up my love for freedom “.

Immortal Ataturk – Norman Itzkowitz

Norman Itzkowitz

American Itzkowitz, Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, one of the world’s leading universities, examined Atatürk’s life from his childhood in this work. Some readers state that there may be inaccurate character analyzes in the book, let’s see what you think when you read it.

Democrat (Democratic) Dictator Atatürk – Paraşev Paruşev

Parashev Parushev

Although the word dictator is mentioned in the title, it seems like the content is not quite like that… Let us remind you that Bulgarian writer Parashev Paruşev wrote this work for the fiftieth anniversary of the Republic of Turkey .

Mustafa Kemal, Death of an Empire – Benoist Mechin

Benoist MEchin

French politician and writer Mechin expresses his admiration for Atatürk with these words in the book, which focuses especially on the National Struggle Period in Atatürk’s life: not yet in history “.

Ataturk, Founder of Modern Turkey, Genius Lessons on Leadership from the General – Austin Bay

Austin Bay

Austin Bay, a successful colonel and military historian who served in the US Army, deals with Mustafa Kemal’s military life in this book. Expressing Atatürk as a military genius, Bay also touches on some current events and compares some developments in this work.

Atatürk, The Birth of a Nation – Lord Kinross

Lord Kinross

And it’s time for Lord Kinross’s work, which, in our opinion, is ” the best book written by foreign authors about Atatürk “. Kinross, who describes Atatürk in all its lines, starting from his childhood to his eternal journey, also received many awards. This book, which every Turkish youth should read, is in the readers; How a foreigner can describe our Ancestor so well makes him wonder . Being a good researcher, Kinross started to write this work with the written order of the British Government. The work is one of the most famous biographies of Atatürk in the world, especially in England.

The book was so well received at the time of its publication that The Times said, “This book is a research product, the most comprehensive analysis of Atatürk ever published , that will fill many information gaps about the Great Leader who created modern Turkey and changed the course of history .” has commented.

Atatürk’ü Konu Alan 10 Yabancı Eser

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