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The Most Beautiful, Most Cultural Region on Earth


The communist era, which lasted more than 40 years, created a cultural refrigerator effect in the Balkans. It is almost as if we are experiencing the opening of an old man with an interesting culture, clothing and style to the new world. There are large national minorities in all Danube countries; these were the cause of the conflicts and harsh policies between the two World Wars. Today, on the one hand, there is a new Renaissance along the Danube, with the policies of, for example, the last Bulgarian Tsar and the new prime minister Simeon, and on the other hand, ethnic conflicts continue in other regions. The Balkans is a continent of contrasts.

Let’s see what policy will prevail around this fertile, old rooted and tired river. Sunne-Belgrade-Budapest is the most beautiful and culturally radiant region of the world; but we want people to live in peace here and visitors to see friendly hosts on their Danube cruises. Danube is the common history of the Balkan peoples with its sweet and bitter history. Today, historians of most Danube countries exaggerate the bitterness of the past and do not remember much of its colorful and sweet aspects. Otherwise, the Danube will flow towards the Black Sea in a more loving and enlightening environment. Let’s know the history, but to build the future better, rather than holding the grudges of the past.

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