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Wisdom Proverbs by Turkish Scholar Erol Göka

In times of crisis, the real mood is spiritual. The western country, which declared that it would not treat Russian patients, said, “racism is the first reaction I know best and it is the blood flowing in my veins”.
There are so many volunteers who are eager to fight :(( If we say volunteers to the mercenaries seen in every period of history, we will have done nothing but pollute the concepts of “volunteer” and “heart”.
There is a fact called the “ideological use of religion”. How hard we used to have to explain this. But I guess now life has taught us…
There are friends who think that showing off and pomp is living well. Will it ever happen? When I see such types, a sadness fills my heart and I think, “What a long way to be a human being, the poor guy”. Beauty is, after all, temperament and harmony. There is no good life without beauty!
I ponder the reasons for trying to grab a place in the front so that I can take advantage of the opportunity when there is a chance, and when a negative situation arises, instead of trying to solve the problem in a rational order, I think about the reasons for acting with the mentality that I’ll run away first.
Languages, like flowers, are colorful. Each of them has their own beauty. The richness of proverbs and idioms, and the fact that it allows a fascinating journey to the roots and understanding of existence due to its adjacency, is one of the most prominent features of Turkish.
We all know different concepts like “human rights”, “law”, “ethics”, “criticism”, “advice”, right? Don’t say “yes” right away; Think about it, see if you can fully grasp the differences in meaning between them, ask yourself, have a talk with yourself…
“If you don’t understand, I don’t understand either!” That’s what our teachers used to say, we were pissed too. Over time, I realized that this simple statement is the basic rule of all learning and communication. Let’s never pretend to understand, let’s not ignore what makes us human, let’s move forward with understanding.
We keep silent because we need to be silent when words end. It is not visible through the fog, we cannot understand exactly what is going on. All we know is that we will continue to stand on the side of the oppressed and justice, our country and our people as long as we live!
When the chaos increases, when the eyes start to go blind, people slow down; they try to sharpen their attention, they go the ways they know best to be strong!
Man is always in a state of mind; perception of the world and human relations are shaped accordingly. However, his state is not limited to the spirit. Just as there is a truth that transcends history and culture, there is a human “essence” that transcends the state of mind, but for those who see it…
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