We’r Turkey

Key for Humainty is;

We’r Turkey

W= Wisdom
E= Empathy
R= Resourceful
T = Talent
U = Unexpected
R = Refreshing
K = Knowhow
E = Enthusiastic
Y = Young
W= Wisdom
The ornament of the mind is language,
The ornament of language is words.
The ornament of man is the face,
The ornament of the face is the eye.
Man speaks his word with his tongue;
              Kutadgu Bilig


E= Empathy
R= Resourceful
T= Turkey is a pool of talents. Human adventure started in Turkey where early in Neolithic age 12,000 years before that Turkey and China were the two countries where Neolithic age started initially. So human talents is the result of where the rich and genetic characteristics coming from all directions  from south, north, west and east developed very special talents for the humankind. First agriculture and Village settlements started in southern and central Turkey all over the world. Looking at the monuments and arts in Turkey where we observe very rich diversity and talents from over 50 different cultures each with their own abilities and creativities.
We'r Turkey

U= Turkey is very unexpected in its nature, human varieties, weather, history and geography. The time, the grounds, the brains all are showing their unexpected appearances, experiences and results. Turkey is unforeseeable. Making the plans and calculations on the tables cannot grasp Turkey in essence. These all are converted as miscalculations. It is not expected to move from the deepest end of east and central Asia and then to pass over 7000 km and settle down in today’s Turkey is unimaginable. But this comes true and becomes reality. Turks journied all through Asia, Europe and Africa over several millenniums and marked their legacies in geography and history of the countries stretching throughout the continents of the old world.

R= As a lively geography and people, Turkey always refreshes the minds very deeply. The weather is mostly sunny and human spirits get energy and refreshments with the lively songs and goods which diversified culture developed in 12,000 years. Fresh foods make the way of thinking, the way of attitudes very dynamic as well. “Books on Turkey” is not confined to works on Turkey; it also includes historical, cultural, social, and political research carried out on countries and societies “beyond Turkey”; extending from Europe to the Balkans, Middle East, North Africa and Far East, Near East, Central, South and South East of Asia.

K= Philosophers ask the very basic questions of “How” in Turkey geography firstly. And the different replies and understandings shaped knowledge base in Turkey for the humanity. Saint Sophia monument and Kutadgu Bilig Book have the same meanings; holy wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is the highest value in Turkey. What is imagined in mindset as Turkey is functionally stereotyped under 8 categories; for Turkey Travellers for Readers for Buyers for Turkish Learners&Students for Turkish Cuisine for Turkish Medical for Beyond Turkey for Turcophiles and several sub categories for easy access and reference.

E= Listening musics in Turkish and Looking at the faces of people in Turkey, enthusiaism is very visible and apparent. Sorrows never hide the joys. And energy of life makes the humans in Turkey very dynamic. As the geography is strategic the people living in Turkey always are lived with energy and enthusiasm.
Y= Turkiye has a young population and spirit. Elders also continues with younger approaches. The political climate starting at the end of 19th century is shaped by the movement called as Young Turks. This is a common pattern in English language as Young Turks thanks to universal movement of ideas in politics. Key for creative solutions of the world from Turkey with books, bazaars, businesses, travellers, nomads, towns, mountains, rivers, seas, antiquity, first settlers, literature, philosophy, wisdom, olives, endemics, language, hospitality, smile on faces; so on and more on the continental peninsulas of faith and infinity of the humankind.
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