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We can gain new knowledge by sharing

By Levent Agaoglu


Poet-writer Levent Ağaoğlu says that in order for children to gain reading habits, they should share what they read with their friends by talking and writing. Ağaoğlu says, “We can get new information from what our friends read through sharing.”

04:00 . 8/10/2023 Sunday

YeniŞafak Newspaper, Türkiye

Su Çelikel, Levent Ağaoğlu.

Su Celikel

Poet and writer Levent Ağaoğlu, who wrote the books titled “Cyprus-Afrin Line”, “Cyprus is the Centre of the World”, “Levendname” and “Düşünce Sizsiniz”, lived in Hong Kong for a period of his life.

Ağaoğlu, who is working on the Turkish House, Thought and Work House book series by pursuing İsmail Gaspıralı’s ideal of “Unity in Language, Idea; Unity in Work”, underlines that children who want to be writers should be recorded by writing so that the accumulated knowledge is not forgotten.

What was the first book you read as a child?

Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I was very impressed by the colourful world of the American writer.

The greatest power is the power of thought

What should we do to gain the habit of reading?

The greatest power that the Creator has given to people is the power of thought. The Creator wanted people to develop this power by reading and writing. The most important night, Laylat al-Qadr, is also related to reading and writing.

Laylat al-Qadr: Read! Write!

The first Revelation is as follows:

(1) Read in the name of your Lord, the Creator!

(2) He created man from a alak (embryo).

(3) Read! Your Lord is infinitely gracious.

(4) He taught man to write with the pen.

(5) He taught man what he did not know. (Surah Alak, 1-5)

Reading and writing the worlds will surely make a person one of those who know how much.

For 550 years, printing presses have been printing books and people have been reading books. In order to gain the habit of reading, it is important that we read continuously, share what we read with our friends and elders by talking, writing, evaluating and discussing.

It is also important that we form reading groups and evaluate the books we read by gathering together. Reading is not only an individual activity, it is a social activity and we can enlarge and multiply what we read by sharing it. We can also gain new information from what our friends read through sharing.

After all, what we read, what we hear, what we speak, what we see are all gathered in a pool of knowledge. This pool should be as full and deep as possible in order for the person and the country to be strong.

Westerners have named this pool a “think tank”. We can also call the word “tank” as “tank” or “thought tank”.They are constantly filling that tank and making use of it. This tank will grow only through reading, especially the reading of young people and children.

Live time to the fullest

If you were a child today, would you read books?

The childhood period, especially until the age of 7, is a period in which the foundations of the lifelong development of human beings are laid.The return of mental activities in this period will be effective throughout life.

What do you do in your free time?

Time is the most valuable asset in life and should always be lived to the fullest.

What should children who want to be a writer do?

Life is based on time, ground and mind.They should live time to the fullest and constantly evaluate past, present and future dimensions.Past memories, present moments and future dreams should always keep us alive.The ground should be constantly mobile. He who travels a lot knows a lot.Eye memory makes the strongest records and does not forget.

As a requirement of my profession, I have travelled to 33 countries in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America) in 33 years. As a result of what I have seen, my knowledge has increased, my mind has started to produce questions, gained a dynamic structure and constantly renewed itself.

Record by writing

What we experience in time (life) and ground (eye) accumulates in our mind (brain).In order not to forget what is accumulated, it is necessary to record it by writing. As the writing activity develops and is published, the person will become a writer.

In order to become a writer, one must work the cycle of time, ground and mind, travel and see, (EYE), be a good and continuous listener, listen to people, speeches, conferences and interviews (EAR), read and write, take notes, (BRAIN), share the results of what he/she listens, hears, reads and sees with people by speaking and writing. People also develop thoughts while speaking and writing.

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