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Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership. Vision for Leadership.

What is VISION

Seeing with Thought

The French word vision is derived from the word “sight”. The French word derives from the Latin word visio, which means the same thing. The word is derived from the Latin videre, vis- “to see”, with the suffix +tion. see video article.

What is called as vision

Well, then I say that the thing called vision is what makes a person not content with less, push his potential to the maximum limit, in short “not be so happy”. so great thing!!

Brain Work

The ability mentioned in the story, which I relate to the fact that one’s brain is constantly working and that its antennas are always on, which is not even present in all intelligent people -which I am sure can be associated with intelligence and creativity.

Vision is a picture

It is a picture of what will be created in the future with the means at hand. The difference from the dream is that there are no nerves in the dream.

Beyond Reasoning and Intelligence

Vision is a concept that highlights the crucial fact that the difference is not about reasoning and intelligence, but about vision.

Vision Quotes

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” THEODORE HESBURGH, PRESIDENT, NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY

“Nothing, not even the most advanced technology, is as formidable as people working together enthusiastically toward a shared goal. Whether as a nation, an army, or a corporation- people become unstoppable when they are moved by a common vision, and have the power and tools to achieve it.”

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.’’ - Warren G. BENNIS, Management Professor

“Where there is a shared vision of excellence, where people can be the best they can be on a daily basis, where they know what is expected of them, understand that reward is linked to performance, and believe they can make a difference because they will be heard, they will make a difference. They will go beyond our expectations and great things will start to happen.” – Frederick W.SMITH, CEO, Federal Express

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb

With or Without VISION


According to the parliamentary database, Salih Gün was a primary school graduate, former deputy, and mayor. If there was a chance to be educated with this vision, maybe our country would win a wonderful jewel, maybe in the field of art or science, who knows…


Vision means vision. It’s a french word. Vision is the power of thought. To see with thought. Look and see. Those who look and cannot see are visionless.

Vision and Illusion

Vision was introduced in Turkey by President Turgut Ozal in early 1980s. Without vision, illusion gallops.

Lacking the Vision

People who do not have this usually come to very high levels in Turkey. sports, art, politics; Wherever you put your hand, you will always see people who lack it.

 Vision is zero!

I see people around me. The man is both smart, knowledgeable, and presentable, but the vision is zero! an ordinary job, an ordinary wife, an ordinary life.

Now the love chickens will immediately say, “what’s wrong with you? maybe he’s just that happy”

“Sir, nobody wears shoes in Africa, we certainly can’t sell shoes there.”

A shoe manufacturer in Antalya wants to start exporting shoes, so the owner of the company sends an employee to Africa and says, “Go and see if we can sell shoes to Africa”. The man goes, stays in Africa for a week, returns and says, “Sir, nobody wears shoes in Africa, we certainly can’t sell shoes there.” A month or two pass, the owner of the company sends another employee to Africa out of curiosity, this time the employee stays for a week, travels to Africa, comes back and says, “Sir, no one has shoes in Africa! We sell a lot of shoes there!” says.

People without vision

(no matter how good-hearted or well-intentioned, clean, beautiful people they may be) do not open my heart. Sometimes I drown in the shallow sea when I’m face to face with such people.

What is different with VISION

Difference is VISION

The chart egosystem (TURKEY) at the bottom, ecosystem (BANGLADESH) on top. 

Bangladesh has a unicorn since 2015, well before Turkey. So, the country is not only in the textiles sector, but has a vital ICT startup ecosystem also Thirdly, Bangladesh, with a population of 150 million, has entered the “medium human development” category @guvsak Mar 14, 2021



Vision refers to a person’s unique perspective and depth.

A concept that I understand as I get older, which I think is one of the personal development cliches used to give people energy in the past.

Mental Power

Mental Seeing

(mental) seeing or perceiving certain events that happened or did not happen in the past, distant or never, and will or will not happen, without the help of the organ of vision.

The name given to the phenomenon of (mental) seeing or perceiving certain events without the help of the organ of vision and the whole of the images in this phenomenon.

Mental Intensity

What every person should have. view of life, perception, lifestyle, attitude, stance. It’s a very total thing. mental intensity.

Turkish Visionaries

TURKISH VISIONARIES by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller, NTV

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of Turks/In the Home of Oghuzes, the process of conversion to Islam and Hoca Ahmed Yesevi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sROnvvyHO8k The “Time Traveler”…

Visionary Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK by Arnold LUDWIG

Arnold LUDWIG; A professor of psychiatry from the USA… He has never been to Turkey in his life… He wrote a book, the name of the…

Turkish Visionaries

Dr Ayhan Yasan.

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