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World Mental Health Day 0ctober 10, 2022

The mind, which is mobile in time and in space, is rich.

Zeminde ve zamanda hareketli olan zihin zengindir.

World Mental Health Day 0ctober 10, 2022


How are you my friend have a good day. We are at the beginning of October 5, today is Wednesday. I am in Istanbul and by the invitation of my dear friend Ms. Juselia Lin of Worldwide Federation of Love and Peace, I will talk on mental health for World Mental Health Day. I will share with you for few topics on my mind.

I am thankful to Ms. Juselia Lin for this invitation again.

The mind and mental health is very basic for human being and is very important, because humans produce everything with their minds and then the mind’s importance is with the movements.

Mind becomes productive with movements.

Where these movements happen?

Mind Triangle: Facilitators

We may call this Mind Triangle. First of all with the questions and the answers are very changing and then these are sometimes subjective, sometimes objective. However it is important to ask the questions. Secondly curiosity is with the questions and secondly the movements on time, thirdly on the ground. We call all of them in my native language Turkish (Time, Ground and Mind) Zaman, Zemin, Zihin. Three Z’s. These are the facilitators of the mind for innovations, for inventions and for discoveries. All of them.


How to move on time? We move in the past, at the present and for the future. If our mind moves on time with past, present and future, these movements will yield very positive understandings and results for the person, for an individual and it is the basic with the movements.

When I was going to the school during my childhood, every morning my mom sent me to the school with a single sentence “Oh my son, God gives you the clarity of mind” She prays for the clarity of the mind. Mind should be clear, for the health of the mind.

When we talk about the positive aspect of the mind as the facilitators,  we should talk also about the mind barriers, so there are several barriers for the mind for the humanity, these are mainly prejudices, ideologies and pressures.


The most important to myself is pressures. These pressures are especially put on the children.

“Don’t to that”, “listen me” instructions. These pressures block free thinking of the mind.  For example the USA still the leader of the world,  how they become the leader is with the  free thinking with the Think Tanks. At last count, the United States had 1,984 think tanks—nearly a third of the world’s total. American think tanks are constantly researching solutions to a variety of the world’s problems, and then arguing, advocating, and lobbying for policy changes at local, state, and federal levels. They have single decision finally, they ask the same questions to all think tanks, results come out always with different answers, however this is richness. Now they are the leader of the world, we can say that this is the mind power, they make use of the power of the minds of their citizens.

This is too important, free thinking with no pressure on thinking and then free articulation. When we talk about mental health, we should talk about free thinking and free movement as well of the minds, of the ideas which are the results of free minds.

The Book

I produce a book with Professor Ismail Hakki Aydin who is the leader in neuropsychology in Turkey. I arranged the questions, it was with the interview. I had a conversation with Prof. Ismail Hakki Aydin and then we produced the book, “You Are The Mind”. In Turkish it means “Düşünce Sizsiniz” and it is a puzzle sentence, if you read in two different ways one is “you are thoughtful, you are mindful” and second spelling is “you are mindless”. These two different ways are up to you really; to be mindful or not to be with the mind.

Turkey and China

Coming to my ground, my native land to Turkey, I may say that the two important countries in the world for the mind civilizations are historically Turkey and China, first and single initiators. Why these two countries are important, because the Neolithic civilization 12,000 years ago simultaneously started in Turkey’s geography and China.

The questions of first hows, how to do, how to cultivate, how to make culture, how to eat, all these lively and early questions happened in these two geographies of Turkey and China which have a very deep and rich human genes culture. These geographies produced very early answers of how questions in the world, how to change, how to cultivate, how to grow, how to eat and drink.


It is difficult to keep moving in our mind all the time.
I have my personal technic to ease the moving within this triangle.


My friends it’s almost coming to 10 minutes. We are at the end of our topic.

By myself for example what I’m doing for time. During the day I have a siesta sleep for 10-15 minutes to ease, to relax and to reset my mind by short time sleeping. I get very positive results and then I become more productive during the daytime.


Secondly on the ground what do I do, I always move on the ground. I don’t stay in the fix place. During the day, I frequently contact with the people who are the source of vocabulary, diversity of thoughts.

So I move on time and on the ground. These moves sharpens my mind and makes the mind always dynamic and freshens.

During the day I mostly move meeting and facing with the people on the streets, on the roads and use mostly public transport to interact with people. Because the people use the rich source of lively vocabulary of life and diversified views sharpens my mind.

So, these are my personal technics for making mind moving.

So my friends, now sun shows itself, have a sunny day all the time,  have a lively mental health day.

Bye from Istanbul, Turkey.




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