Turks with Different Beliefs

1. Tengrism
2. Manichaeism
3. Buddhism
4. Zoroastrianism
5. Islam
6. Christianity
7. Judaism

The faith journey of the Turks, which started with the TENGR beliefs written on stone in the Yenisei and Orhun tribes of Asia, Buddhist paintings and temples in Dunhuang caves, Samarkand with wooden poles, Bukhara Mosques, Ahlat tombstones, Cappadocia underground churches in Anatolian geography, Göbeklitepe Temple, Karaim Synagogues, Karaman Orthodox Churches It has diversified and enriched with the ancient mythologies of Asia Minor, the Gods of Sumer, and the Rumelian dervish lodges.

The religious beliefs of the Turks, which started with Tengrism (Göktanrı), met with the monotheistic religions after Manichaeism and Buddhism, and continued their beliefs in 7 religions.

In the 21st century, more than 35 Turkish tribes and communities dispersed in Asia and Europe maintain their beliefs in 5 religions:

Islam………………………17 heights
Christianity……………….11 heights
Shamanist ………………..4 height
Buddhist …………………..3 height
Jewish………………………..2 height

Half of the 35 tribes preferred Islam, three quarters preferred Islam-Christianity, and Asian beliefs in the form of Shamanism-Buddhism were preferred by 20% of the tribes.


Turks with Different Beliefs

  1.   Altay  Turks: Buddhist and Christian (Russia)
    2. Avşars: Muslim
    3. Azeris: Muslim Jafari (Azerbaijan, Iran)
    4. Chuvash: Christian (Russia)
    5. Dolgan: Shamanist (Russia)
    6. Gagauz: Christian-Orthodox (Gagauzia/Moldova)
    7. Khakas: Christian (Russia)
    8. Caspian Turks: Jewish
    9. Hazaras: Muslim (Afghanistan)
    10. Karaim- Karaite: Judeo-Karaim Sect (Ukraine, Poland)
    11. Karamanids: Christian Orthodox (Greece)
    12. Qashqai: Muslim (Iran)
    13. Kazakhs: Muslim
    14. Krymchak: Jewish (Ukraine)
    15. Kyrgyz: Muslim
    16. Crimean Tatars: Muslim (Crimean)
    17. Tatars of Kreshin: Christian (Ukraine)
    18. Kumuks: Muslim (Russia)
    19. Uzbeks: Muslim
    20. Pomaks: Muslim (Bulgaria, Greece)
    21. Rumeys: Christian (Ukraine)
    22. Sakas (Yakuts): Christian and Shamanist (Russia)
    23. Salar: Muslim (China)
    24. Yellow Uyghurs: Buddhist (China)
    25. Szeklers: Christian Catholic (Romania)
    26. Tatars: Muslim (Russia)
    27. Terekeme (Karapapak): Muslim (Azerbaijan)
    28. Torbesh: Muslim (Macedonia)
    29. Tuva: Buddhist (Russia)
    30. Tofa: Shamanist (Russia)
    31. Turkmen: Muslim
    32. Urums: Christian (Ukraine)
    33. Uyghurs: Muslim (China)
    34. Yakuts: Christian and Shamanist (Russia)
    35. Yörük Nomads: Muslim (Turkey)


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