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Turks and Greeks by Prof.Dimitri Kitsikis

The mastery of the Turks in establishing a state is also expressed by the Greek Professor Dimitri Kitsikis.

“Karamanlis was telling me that we Greeks are a very inept people to run a state. We have never had a state, what was established after 1821 is not a state, the Westerners managed to take advantage of us by establishing this state, we are colonies as you said. Yes, we are an empire people, but right now only our soul is the empire.

So, who is establishing a real state? Turks are setting up. He also told me that all great states were founded by Turks. They founded the Ottoman Empire. They established the Turkish-Mongolian Empire. Who even built Beijing? Did the Chinese do it? No, the Turkish-Mongols did. In China’s last dynastic war, who was victorious in China? The Manchuro-Turkish descendants were victorious. Turks know how to organize, they are establishing a state while we only have the state spirit.” Source: Greek Turkologist Dimitris Kitsikis Explains Why Greece Should Unite With Turkey.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUcaaJKYsAg

Prof. Dimitri Kitsikis sincerely admits that the spiritual existence of the empire is not enough, and this must be done in practice, which the Turks actually did. What is at issue here is the power of organization, activating the spirit is possible with organization, this is also a public power, public power comes into play here. So it is this public power that the Greeks lack.

Greek Turcologist Dimitris Kitsikis Explains Why Greece Should Unite With Turkey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUcaaJKYsAg

Dimitri Kitsikis

Born 2 June 1935 Athens, Greece
Died 28 August 2021 (aged 86) Ottawa, Canada

Dimitri Kitsikis was a Turkologist and Sinologist Professor of International Relations and Geopolitics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since 1970, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; he received his doctoral degree in 1963 from the Sorbonne, Paris, under the supervision of Pierre Renouvin. He has been named one of the “three top geopolitical thinkers worldwide, Karl Haushofer, Halford Mackinder and Dimitri Kitsikis”.


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