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Turkish Scholars: Russia (Northern Line)

  1. ŞİHABUDDİN MERCÂNΠ 1818-1889 Russia Kazan, Tatarstan Russian Empire It is known that Şihabuddin Mercani has twenty-nine large and small works on History-Biography, Fiqh-Usul and Akaid-Kelama. The city ​​where he was born (4575.S.) is not mentioned in the article. 6
  2. İSMAİL GASPIRALI , 1851-1914, (Gasprinskiy) (20 March 1851- 24 September 1914),Crimean Tatar intellectual, educator and writer-publisher. Gaspirali is a Muslim intellectual who depicts the need for education, cultural reform and modernization of Turkish and Islamic societies in the Russian Empire. The surname comes from the city of Gaspra in the Crimea. http://kerimofftahir.blogspot.com.tr/2016/12/terciman-newspaper-numaralar-endirin.html
  3. MİZANCI MURAT 1854-1917 Caucasus Dagestan Russia Journalist Intellectual Historian Writer
  4. ABDÜRREŞID İBRAHİM  1857-1944 Russia Tobolsk, Siberia Russia Turkish Intellectual Man, Traveler And Writer. 7
  5. RIZAEDDIN BIN FAHREDDIN  1859-1936 Russia Kazan, TatarstanRussian Empire Kazanlı Thinker, Scholar, Journalist, Writer, Kadi, Educator, Linguist, Historian, Grand Mufti of İdil-Altai – Head of Religious Affairs of Muslims of Russia – Rızaeddin B. Fahreddin, on 12 January 1959 , He was born in the village of Kiçuçatı, which is connected to the Almat -then called Bügülme-Kaza of today’s Tatarstan.(4648.S.) 5
  6. HÜSEYİNZÂDE ALİ TURAN 1864-1940 Azerbaijan Salyan, Azerbaijani Medicine Professor and Politician, one of the pioneers of the Azerbaijan Turkism Movement. 5
  7. AHMET AĞAOĞLU  1869-1939 Caucasus Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Politician, Lawyer, Writer, Journalist
  8. MUSA CÂRULLAH BİGİYEV  1875-1949 Russia Rostov-Na Don Russian Empire A Muslim Turkish Scholar from Kazan, A Deep Thinker. (4739.S.) 7
  9. YUSUF AKCURA 1876-1935 Russia Kazan Russia Historian, Thinker
  10. SULTAN GALIYEV 1880-1940 Russia Elimbetova, Bashkortostan Russia Historian, Turcologist If the wind blows from the West, we should not breathe, there is something harmful to us in it, and then even in our Eurasianism, there is something with a western sting and it should be removed.
  11. SADRİ MAKSÛDÎ ARSAL  1880-1957 Russia Kazan Governorate Russian Empire Turkish-Tatar Statesman, Lawyer, Academician, Thinker and Politician. 2nd
  12. HÜSEYİN CAVİT 1882-1941 Azerbaijan Nakhchivan Azerbaijani Azerbaijani Poet and Playwright 3
  13. HALİM SÂBİT (ŞİBAY) 1883-1946 Russia Kazan Halim Sabit, one of the North Caucasian Turks of the Russian Empire, was born in 1883 in the village of Tarhanlı Labit, Simbir Province in Kazan. (4158.S.) // “Sociology of Islam, Education, Ulema, Language, Turkism And Various Subjects In His Writings.” (4159.S.) 5
  14. MEHMET EMİN RESULZÂDE  1884-1954 Azerbaijan Baku Founder and First President of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of the Russian Empire , Journalist, Intellectual and Political Man) 2
  15. ZEKİ VELİDİ TOGAN 1890-1970 Russia Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan RussiaHistory Writer
  16. AHMET CEVAT  1892-1937 Azerbaijan Shamkir Azerbaijani Poet, Translator 5
  17. ABDULKADIR INAN , 1889-1976 Russia, Chigay, Bashkortostan, Russia, Bashkortostan Bashkir folklorist. He made researches on Turkish religion and culture.
  18. REŞİT RAHMETİ ARAT  1900-1964 Russian linguist and scientist , former Ücüm, Kazan Governor,   Russia Ordinaryus Professor.
  19. AKDES NIMET KURAT fifty portraits 1903-1971 Russia Kazan, Tatarstan   RussiaTatar Turkish Historian, Academician
  20. SAADET ÇAĞATAY fifty portraits 1907-1989 Russia Chistai, Tatarstan Russian Tatar Turkologist.
  21. JUST MONTHS 1912-1992 Russia St Petersburg rusyatürk diplomats, academicians, writers.
  22. CENGİZ DAĞCI, 1919-2011 Crimea, Russia Gurzuf Crimea, Russia Novelist Cengiz Dağcı (born 9 March 1919 Gurzuf – died 22 September 2011 in London) is a Crimean Tatar novelist. Although not well known, there are also Crimean Tatar poems. He was born in Gurzuf. He spent his childhood in the village of Kızıltaş (now Krasnokamenka). Although Cengiz Dağcı never came to Turkey, he wrote his books in Turkey Turkish, and the poet Ziya Osman Saba made the first proofreading of his books. Thanks to his works published in Turkey, many people in Turkey learned about the Crimea and the lives of the Crimean Tatars.
  23. MUHARREM ERGİN 1925-1995 Caucasus Meskhetian, Georgia Georgian Writer and Turkologist
  24. SELAHADDİN Khalilov 1952 Caucasus Borchaly Georgia Philosopher
  25. ISENBUKE TOGAN 1940———— Rumelia Istanbul Turkey Turkish history professor. Among his research subjects, Central Asian and Chinese history subjects are prominent. She is the daughter of Turkologist and historian Zeki Velidi Togan. 
  26. TİMUR KOCAOĞLU  1947…. Rumelia Istanbul Turkey academician Son of President of Republic of Bukhara Osman Kocaoğlu
  27. GÖNÜL BÜNYADZÂDE 1974 Göyce Azerbaijan Gönül Bünyanzade was born in 2 Kasaım 1974 in the Zod Village of Goyce Province of West Azerbaijan. (4904.S.) // “Bünyanzade is one of Azerbaijan’s Young Living Thinkers.” (4916.S.) “… He is a Thinker and a Researcher”. (4916.S.) “Philosopher” (4916.S.)  7

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