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Turkish Scholars and India

Our first Indologist and our first great traveler, astronomer, mathematician, natural scientist, geographer and historian, our first investigative thinker Biruni (973-1048) started his journey to India in 1017, 1000 years ago, and wrote his travel notes under the title of “History of India” in 1030. published. The book was published in its original form in India in 1958. In Turkey, it was brought into our language only in 2015. The two most used words in the index of the book were the MOON and SUN. We have not used this ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE for 1000 years; If we used it, we would be in SPACE.
Let’s listen to the words of the great thinker Cemil Meriç (1916-1987), one of the Meriç tribes, and set out for India, which he discovered with his blind eyes.
The Turks raised three great thinkers who were aware of the contemplation and secrets of India: Musa El Harezmi (780-850), the inventor of the number zero, the astronomer and Indologist El Biruni (973-1048) and Cemil Meriç (1916-1987). In the 800s and 900s, when the West was unaware of India, the Turks started Indology with Harezmi and Biruni. Our Great Thinkers wrote Hind; Harezmi, Biruni, Halide Edip, Cemil Meriç, Bülend Ecevit.
I commemorate the memories of his saints with respect, gratitude and mercy.

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