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Turkish Literature: Authors: Attila İlhan


I am obliged to you, you do not know
I keep your name in my mind like a mih
Your eyes are getting bigger
I am obliged to you, you do not know
I warm my heart with you

Trees getting ready for autumn
Is this city that old Istanbul?
Clouds are breaking in the dark
Street lights flashing
The smell of rain on the pavements
I’m obligated to you

To love is sometimes shamefully fear
One gets tired suddenly one evening
From living in a captive razor mouth
Sometimes his passion breaks his hands
Makes a few lives out of it
Whenever he knocks on the door
The wicked hum of loneliness behind

A poor gramophone plays in Fatih
It’s ringing a Friday from old times
If I stood in the corner and listened without a hole
If I bring you an unused sky
Weeks are crumbling in my hands
Whatever I do, whatever I hold, wherever I go
I’m obligated to you

Maybe you’re the blue-spotted kid in June
Oh no one knows you
A freighter leaks from your desolate eyes
Maybe you’re getting on a plane in Yesilkoy
You’re all wet with goosebumps
Maybe you’re blind, you’re broken, you’re in a hurry
bad wind takes your hair

Whenever I think of living
Maybe it’s hard at this table of wolves
Without shame but without getting our hands dirty
Whenever I think of living
I say shut up and start with your name
My heart is moving the secret seas
No it won’t be otherwise
I am obliged to you, you do not know..

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