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Turkish Leather History

Leather was first used by wrapping it around the body. Since a single piece of skin was not large enough to cover all the body, more skin was in need and thus they were attached to each other by a knot. In a more advanced stage skin was sewn. It is well known that needles initally made of stones or bones, and later on from metals such as copper and iron were unearthed in archaeological excavations. By the unlisation urse, it can be considered to be one of the first professions on earth.
For sandal and germants production were realised by sewing they were made by the master saddlers in early times. Once the need for sandals and garments started to increase, profession of saddler was separated to become an independent occupation. Yet, apart from these, we still witness that throughout the history numerous articles and utilities made from leather were used. We all know from the work of Assistant Prof. Dr. Nuray Yıldız, “Use of Leather in Old Times” that leather was used for thousands of years in saddles and horse riding sets, wheels, in household utilities, hunting and war carts, tents, agricultural tools, marine and land transport vehicles, music and sports equiment, punishing tools and manuscript plates, and because of all these needs artisans of saddle making were needed. This profession, once it was a pure hand handwork, has become machanised and perfect. And presently it continues and takes up different shapes. Skin was used as an important hanised and perfect. And presently it continues and takes up different shapes. Skill was used as an important war article thousands of years ago. In all wars fought on horseback and horse driven carts, leather garments, boots, riding sets and harnesses were all used to a greater extend. In all stages of the history of Turks which started with Huns leather goods played an important role in the victory of armies on horseback in the 2nd Century B.C., Mete destroyed the Chinese armies with cavaliers and dictated on the Chinese to build the farmous Chinese Wall. These examples display us that Hun Turks know hide production and processing very well as well as in saddle making.
I cannot help conveying you the interesting information about the first Turkish world which I lear ned from “The Great Hun Empire” written by Prof. Dr. Bahaeddin Ögel in two volumes. Since Turkish leather and leather goods making started in the Hun period. I think it is very useful to learn and know a little about the history of Huns. While a summary of Hun history is highlighted, information and document on the history of leather goods making will have also been provided. The first time in history of leather goods making will have also been provided. The first time in history we read the name of Turk in Orhun Inscriptions erected in the 8th Century. But, the Chinese historians talk about Hun Turks long before this date. Though there are people who defend the thesis that the Turks existed in the history scence since the 13th Century B.C., the first historic scroll bears the year 318 B.C. World historians accept the first that Huns and Turks come from the same origin… The Orhun Inserpionts belonged to Gokturks period who were heirs to Hun Turks First came into existence in the centre around Orhon and Selenga rivers and Otuken area in the north of China, the establishment of the Hun political union of has never been traced out. Hun horseback expeditions started to attack on China land constantly in year 3 B.C. The Chinese Emperor. Huangdı (310-247 B.C.) had to get the famous. Wall built so as to shelter the Chinese lands. The Chinese Royal historians, while recording their own historical events, started to mention the Hun expeditions. The most reliable information on the history of Huns can be retrieved from Chinese sources.
Source: Hasan Yelmen


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