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Turkish Karakhanid Scholars in Turkestan

Until the 1450s, the main centers in Turkish Thought were Orhun Valley, Transoxiana Basin and Great Khorasan Basin, the last one covering the geography from Iran to North India. These three regions have shaped Turkish Thought.

Monographic evaluations of the Orkhon Inscriptions in terms of Scientific Disciplines have not been made yet. The basic concepts and articles of our Constitution (Tonyukuk Inscription) 500 years before the first Constitution (Magtna Carta) of 1215 in the West were recorded with these stones.

After inheriting 3 Inscriptions (Tonyukuk, Bilge Kağan, Kültigin) from the Göktürks, much more monuments from the Karakhanids have survived.

  • Kutadgu Bilig (Sacred Knowledge) by Yusuf Has Hacib ,
  • Kasgarli Mahmud ‘s Divânu Lügati’t-Türk (Great Turkish Dictionary),
  • History of Kashgar (History of Kashgar) by Imam-i Abu’l-Futuh Abdulgafur
  • Ahmet Yesevi ‘s Divan-i Wisdom,
  • Edip Ahmet Yukneki ‘s Atabet’ül Hakayık (The Threshold of Truths)

His works are the most important works of this period. In addition to this, some translations of the Qur’an written during the Karakhanid period and we have, and   Târîh-i Türkistan and Hıtây (now lost) presented by Mecdüddin Mehmed of Kaşgar to İbrahim Han and Mücmilü’t-Tevârih ve’l-Kısâs, whose author is unknown His works [books] are also important works published in this period. The works produced by the Biruni and Seljuks, especially in Khorasan, Baghdad and Anatolia, during the Ghaznavid period, are the masterpieces of the 500-year enlightenment period (700-1200).

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