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Turkish Art and Aesthetics

  • Photo top left: Kazakhstan
  • Photo top right: India
  • Photo down left: Turkey
  • Photo down right: Bosnia

It is an uninterrupted story of the evolution of Turkish art in parallel with the migration that started from the Asian steppes and continued to the west, Anatolia and the Balkans over the centuries.

This long story, which spans a wide geographical area and centuries, is often dealt with within the framework of geographical regions or different cultural-political traditions. Artistic Phases of Migration to the West, starting from the art traditions of prehistoric steppe societies, deals with the arts of Central Asia, Timurids and Seljuks as the continuous stages of the long migration to the west.

With the creations of steppe societies, settled societies, especially Chinawith the Indian and Persian styles of Timurid art; He paints a striking picture of the interaction of Anatolian-Turkish art with Middle Eastern traditions.

To read the story of how the same art tradition flourished with new forms and styles in each new geography, on the backdrop of social, economic and religious traditions unlike the previous one, accompanied by drawings, plans, maps and photographs…



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