Turkish Airlines

300 million years ago, there was no Africa, Asia, Americas or Europe.
Just one, big supercontinent: Pangea.
And today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance,
reversing millions of years of rifting.
Making far feel close.
Bringing there to here.
We connect more countries than any other airline.

Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to the most countries in the world, is inspired by the supercontinent of Pangea and our longing to come together. While the priorities, needs and sensitivities of people living on five continents differed, our feelings were common. We wanted to get closer, strengthen ties and, in short, bring the world back together.

Turkish Airlines connects 329 points from 128 countries through İstanbul, the meeting point of the continents. Regardless of the circumstances, we will continue to carry our passengers to the places and experiences that renew and comfort them, to their loved ones.

We invite you to an experience where you will feel at home in the sky and enjoy the privileges of Turkish Airlines while exploring new worlds.



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