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Turkey is No1 Birthplace of Roman Emperors

Roman Emperors from Turkey:

  • Green = one emperor  6
  • Yellow = two emperors 2
  • Rosa = three emperors 3
  • Orange = four emperors 8
  • Red = forty-eight emperor 48

Total from Turkey: 67 emperors

Total Roman Emperors: 144

67/144: 46,5%

Thanks Emanuele Rizzardi. It seems that most of the birthplaces of total 144 Roman emperors are from Turkey geography for 1480 years longevity.

Following invaluable data and corresponding map is from Emanuele Rizzardi.

Birthplace of all Roman emperors (27 BC-1453 AD), from Augustus to Constantine XI

Given the numerous requests, I rolled up my sleeves and produced a complete map to show all the birthplaces of the Roman emperors from beginning to end.

The provinces are those of 395 because it seemed to me a good division.

The map is obviously approximate and only the emperors of which we have clues to the place of birth have been indicated.

The 5 “Thracian” emperors could have been born in any area within the orange lines.

Purple = no emperor
Green = one emperor
Yellow = two emperors
Rosa = three emperors
Orange = four emperors
Brown = nine emperors
Blue = fourteen emperors
Red = forty-eight emperors

Constantinople, Rome and Sirmium are the cities where roughly 2/3 of the emperors were born.

Coming from Egypt or Britain did not bring good luck, because they are the only macro-regions without even a sovereign!

PS: these maps are very time consuming to make, thanks to those who sometimes offer me a coffee with the purchase of a book.

L’ultimo Paleologo – Emanuele Rizzardi


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