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Turkey and Civilisation

© Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu, 2003. Budapest, Hungary


“Universal civilization is established by the formation of an order from the very different wishes of people on earth”. Biruni (973-1061)


  • Languages ​​are our wealth of civilization. The most important feature of 8-11th century Turkestan was that the thinkers knew more than one language.
  • In 1987, I was in Syria, France, and China, and in the lands of three great civilizations before covid; in India, Egypt and Iran.  The only conclusion I have drawn on behalf of my country from my business travel and country observations due to my export profession; Everything for HUMAN.
  • Come in;
  • Our axis; It is our civilization.
    Our compass; They are our concepts.
    Our Route: Civilization is Our Geography
  • What we need to take seriously is how to revive our heritage of civilization; not easy job and task.
  • Turks have to know the languages ​​in our civilization basins, our communication is very limited. We are closed in.
  • 700-1200 years; #Maveraünnehir/#Horasan Let’s revive our Renaissance. How?
  • Asia is Greater Asia, and Europe is already in that huge continent, Greater Asia. Europe has isolated itself as a separate civilization. It has drawn its borders, closed it.
  • “In general, it can be said that there is always a skeptical, timid, hesitant and unfriendly view towards “Turk” in Europe. This view towards the Turk is part of the general xenophobia in Europe.” http://erolgoka.net/avrupada-turk-imgesi/
  • The goal of One Global Civilization is one gender, one religion, one language, one state. Is this Contemporary Civilization? Technology does not exist, it destroys.
  • Turkish architectural works in Turkestan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Rumelia are our marks of civilization.

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