Turkey Top 10 Concepts: Turkish Belt

“Genetic). Wide Accumulation. Traveling (Planet).
A person is also belted by being a veteran.
Brain and Gentleman.
Hand. Waist. Language.
Ancestors and Grandies
used to gird not only their waists but also their brains (wrapped kavuk, etc.)”

The Turks also surrounded the world with a ring-like belt around the planet Saturn. There is continuity in the generation, not interruption. Unless we bring the continuity in time and ground to our minds, there is no day for us. The strategy of the Turkish state should be the Turkish Belt. This strategy should be taught to all state administrators through Al Sancak-Red Belt training and a belt-wearing ceremony should be held.

It is important that the works of a Turkish generation that surround the world are museumized like The British Museum. While the Turkish belt phenomenon is real, China can talk about the Belt and Road Project. However, the generation of China can only cross the borders of the People’s Republic of China with publicity and propaganda.


• Time: 1000 years. (1071-2071)
• Ground: Edirne-Ardahan. If
it is 1700 km, then the Turkish Belt is 40,000 km long.
o Turkistan and Turkey are both fusion geographies. It is the key to the world.
• Mind: The information conveyed by Biruni, the first traveler and first Indologist, and the first Sinologist Tonyukuk, reopens the doors of Greater Asia to us. We only have swords and heroes in our minds. However, our pen connoisseur is also ancient, older than Europe. Samarkand and Istanbul are cities of manuscripts.

It is essential to integrate the time-ground line in our mind. This is our victory.
Turkey in Asia Minor is completing its preparations for the approaching Greater Asian century, starting with the island of Cyprus, the seal of the Silk Road, with its mission as a center for global thought and trade. The Agricultural Belt starting from Mesopotamia and extending to Çatalhöyük The island of Cyprus, its extension in the Mediterranean, is included in the global-scale trade dynamism that takes place in the oceans and seas of Greater Asia, using the Steppe Belt extending from Turkey to Turkestan and then to China as its wings. will be.

The concept of Turkey When we evaluate the concept of Turkey in comparison with China, China appears as the world’s superpower and America’s only scourge. China has had many dynasties and states like us, but the Chinese never say that we established so many states, so many dynasties ruled us. They say only one thing, “China”. They constantly place the Chinese brand in the minds of the world. This is how they became a super economic power. They have been implementing a conscious plan in this regard for 50 years since 1978.

When we look back at us, we established 16 states, Ottomans, Seljuks, Ghaznavids, Karakhanids, Göktürks, Huns, Uyghurs, states, dynasties, this is a mess. Why don’t we come out of this only with the concept of Turkey? What we mean by Turkey, the Turkish state was founded on three continents. The name of the Ottomans was European Turkey, when you look at the British maps established in Europe, they always write Turkey as the European part, and the Asia Minor “Asia Minor” for the Anatolian part.

“Devletü’t Türkiyye” established by the Mamluks in Africa, and our final state established in Anatolia is the Republic of Turkey, “Turkey”. Now, the states we have established in Asia, Europe and Africa always have an emphasis on Turkey. The thought for us has always been that they build the state and then destroy it. It has been so, these states have destroyed each other. Then, we need to bring together the Turkish states, starting from Morocco on the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, under the identity of Turkey, by going beyond the state configurations in history and coming out with a different perspective.

Today, China has a population of 1.5 billion, but Turkey is the leader of the Islamic World, which has 1.5 billion. Turkish communities are in it. Then we will have brought two equal forces face to face. The yield of this; Just as “Made in China” is written on the back of a product, what we need to do is to spread the “Made in Turkey” branding, in these 3 continents, which is actually 4 continents. If we count India as a continent, because there are 5 states, that is also is a subcontinent. To create a great power by combining the products of these 4 continents under the name of Turkey brand will be to create the perception of one Turkey.

In that case;

Hemp made from hemp
Greater Asia, Asia Minor, Africa, Eurasia
Tribes, toys, tribes Altays, Chagatays, Chuvashs,
Kipchaks , Kazans, Cumans,

Persians, Tajiks, Uzbeks

Mamluks in Egypt State ut Turkiye
Ottomans in Europe Aliyye
Huns in Asia, Oghuz
state became a state, a nation became a nation.
Sky Turkey

Big turkey

The concept of “Great Turkey” was used for the first time in our country by one of the politicians, Süleyman Demirel. He also has a book titled “Great Turkey”. He always described Turkey as great. When we look at today, can we describe Turkey as great, this is a question mark.

Süleyman Demirel was talking about a Turkey with a large industry and self-sufficient agriculture. In the pre-1980 period, the word industrialization was a key concept in Turkey’s agenda and Turkey’s agriculture was self-sufficient.

Can we see them today? Also in the 1990s, another great one began to be mentioned. But it was Clinton America that described it as great, and Greater China brought up the concept of “Greater China”. Now, by Greater China, he meant the Chinese residing in that region of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and South East Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We see this greatness as real today. China is now “Greater China”, Greater China.

After the Bush administration, which took over the United States in the 2000s, the United States abandoned this concept. This concept was only relevant with Clinton. Now China buys energy in yuan, abandons the US dollar, launches the Silk Road, then China is great.

When we look at Turkey now, it must be as inclusive as China in order for Turkey to be great. What is meant by inclusiveness, how will “Great Turkey” be filled? In other words, we are talking about being like China and being in an influential position in the world.

What we can see as “Great Turkey” is Asia, India, Iran, Turkistan, where it took place for thousands of years in the countries where history has a legacy, then the Mughal Empire in India, the 3 continents where the Ottoman Empire is the legacy, Greater Asia, Africa, Europe. The first state known as Turkey today, “State of Turkey” was established in Egypt.

Great Turkey is not only the borders of the National Pact today, it covers the borders of the countries where we have historical depth.

Copyright of Photograph by Levent Ağaoğlu, Budapest, 2003

Copyright by Levent Ağaoğlu


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