Triangle of Mind

On the background of the wisdom, it is the fact that Turkey and China were first and single initiators of Neolithic age in the world 12,000 years before with their geographies.

So there are two civilizations in a very deep and rich human genes culture. These geographies produced very early answers of how questions in the world, how to change, how to cultivate, how to grow, how to eat and drink.

Yes it is difficult to keep moving in our mind all the time.

You are right I have my technic to ease the moving within this triangle.

TIME: First I move one thing for example I have a siesta sleep during the day which relaxes and freshens my mind

GROUND: secondly I move on the ground I don’t stay in the fixed place during the day. I frequently contact with the people who are the source of vocabulary, diversity of thought.

So I move on time and on the ground. These moves sharpens my mind and makes the mind always dynamic and freshens.

During the day I mostly move meeting and facing with the people on the streets, on the roads and use mostly public transport to interact with people. because the people use the rich source of lively vocabulary of life and diversified views sharpens my mind.

So, these are my personal technics for making mind moving.



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