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Tonyukuk’s Scholar Identity

Bilge Tonyukuk’s thinking aspect was only noticed in the 20th century after thousands of years.

What we need is the enlightenment of sciences from A to Z.. .

Our examination of the Bilge Tonyukuk’s identity has brought us together with ancient treasures. Bilge Tonyukuk’s criteria and the concept of wise power are the guarantee of our living in the 21st century, which is the first step that will lead us to the third millennium, as a Turkish Century.

Tonyukuk, the lord of Pens and Swords, is also a treasure of Fütuhat (expeditions) and Ideas (wisdoms). He pioneered new expeditions and ideas with his inscription. It was the basis of the first sea voyage and the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean expeditions, and his ideas ensured that the next millennium (700-1700) was lived as the Turkish millennium. Tonyukuk, who put Turkish identity in writing for the first time, is also an ideal. The aforementioned ideal holds all the codes of our cultural identity in its bosom.

Tonyukuk, who was honored with the title of sage by the people, showed that the necessity of wisdom is writing and language by bringing our first written work to eternity in the form of a monument. The fact that our first writer, Tonyukuk, is also the person who used the first Turkish term in his inscription, also documents that the most important dimension of his identity is language.

Our study, in which we examine Tonyukuk’s identity in the biography-wisdom-bitig system, includes a dictionary of more than 400 words in the Tonyukuk Inscription, our first written document in history. The masterpiece of our language, which is the most magnificent combination of emotion and thought, described as “the ideal language of the computer” by Internet and technology guru Nicholas Negroponte and described as “something like a computer speech creator’s dreams come true” It was written once in Tonyukuk’s mind. The magical structure of Turkish, which was transferred to manuscripts after the stone inscription and transferred to printed works with the use of the printing press, awaits the days when it will quickly become a universal software language.

Wisdom and bitig filtered from Tonyukuk’s biography were written by İsmail Gaspıralı in the 19th century in “Dil, Fikir; shall be referred to as “Unity in Business”. Tonyukuk’s grandchildren, with the dynamism of unity of conquest and thought they acquired from their ancestors, blended four languages ​​(Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit) in the Indian subcontinent and three languages ​​(Turkish, Persian, Arabic) in Turkey (Anatolian-Rumelian) and became the most traveler in the world. and they created the rich Turkish Language.

A knowledgeable person can be wise or wise. Just saying that knowledge alone is not enough. The Turkish people of the period honored our first author as wise. Writing is wisdom. Wisdom is a power and formed the essence of Turkish mind. The uniqueness of our mind is related to the development of the originality of our language. Ideas and Business are based only on Language.

Our most valuable underground resource is our saintly sages who lie in the heart of the Turkestan geography; Let’s ferment again, starting with Bilge Tonyukuk, our living and fertile roots, who reveal to us that wisdom is based on the unity of mind and heart, with their lifestyles.

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