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Tolerance in Both Physical and Metaphysical Aspects.


  • The word “tolerance” has a Latin root meaning “to endure”. Our Constitution also commands us to endure these different thoughts and opinions.
  • Tolerance in Physics with Powers and in Spirits.
  • The same philosophy.
  • Art makes you tolerant.
  • Tolerance exists in the universe.
  • Tolerant powers and spirits have endurance.
  • Inner Power
  • Richness of the Soul/Spirit.
  • Maturity
  • Elasticity
  • Creation and creativity is with differences
  • Movements on time and ground, facing different people and locations will make a person highly tolerant.
  • Justice
  • Forgiveness
  • Longevity
  • Longest Empires:
  • Romans 2000 years
  • Turkish Ottomans 600 years.
  • Freedom
  • Unity. Strength.
  • Toleration ensures togetherness.
  • Hinders breaking apart.


  • Modern industry cannot exist today without spare parts making. In the absence of tolerant dimensioning, it is not possible to talk about making spare parts.
  • While it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the rules of conformity in serial production, it is necessary to adhere to this in the construction of a single part or in machine or bench repairs, for parts to be made later. This is achieved by using tolerant dimensions and complying with them in the production of parts.
  • Why is tolerance needed? The importance of tolerance
  • In today’s modern industry, the construction technique can be defined as the mass production of a large number of interchangeable identical parts. The fact that the production of such interchangeable identical parts (spare parts) has become a necessity, has revealed the necessity of processing machine parts according to certain tolerances.
  • Thus, while a part is being machined, it is also called tolerance how much the size can be different to remain at the desired completeness level. So, what is tolerance? What is the shortest answer we can give to the question?
  • In short, the tolerance is the difference between the allowable upper dimension limit and the lower dimension limit.


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