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Third Roman Empire

With the conquest of Istanbul, two small Byzantine princes were recruited by the Ottomans. These two princes were members of the Paleologos dynasty, which would appear in the following years as Messiah Pasha and Has Murat Pasha. The fact that two Byzantine princes were recruited and made Ottoman is a concrete proof that Fatih conquered Istanbul and designed the Ottoman Empire as the Third Roman Empire.

There is no clear information about the identity of the fathers of Messiah Pasha and Has Murat Pasha. It is written that Constantine, the last Emperor of Byzantium, had children from his brother, but Constantine did not have children to be heirs behind his brothers. (Except for Thomas, who fled to Italy.) My personal research is that these two brothers were Constantine’s father, the Byzantine emperor II. It is that one of Manuel’s brothers has children. It is stated in the Historia Turchesca written by Giovanni Maria Angiolello that the father of these two is Gidos Paleologos. There is no other information that the fathers of Messiah Pasha and Has Murat Pasha were Gidos/Vitos/Vidos Paleologos.

But these two brothers are very important for the Paleologos dynasty, because if Byzantium had continued to exist after Constantine the 11th, one of these two brothers would probably have ascended the throne. That’s how important these two Byzantine princes were and they were both recruited. Messiah Pasha served as grand vizier in the following years. His elder brother, Murat Pasha, rose up to the Rumeli Governorate and was martyred in the Battle of Otlukbeli. Messiah Pasha started to build a mosque and a madrasah in Gallipoli, where he was as a sanjak principality or navy commander, and established a foundation belonging to them.

Messiah Pasha also converted the Myrelaion Church in Laleli into a mosque.

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