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The Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia was published

The Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia, which started to work in August 2016, was published as 8080 articles, 2240 authors, 6432 pages, and 16 volumes. No country in the world has a tourism encyclopedia of this content and scope. We think that such a study would be worthy of a country that is leading with tourism in the world.

A contribution came from our country to the encyclopedia studies, which are the mirror of the scientific and cultural accumulation of societies. The Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia, which consists of 16 volumes and is edited and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak and Prof. Dr. Metin Kozak’s encyclopedia met with readers. The Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia, to which 2240 authors contributed by writing 8084 articles, was published by Detay Yayıncılık.

The most comprehensive and pioneering study in the world, like no other

We consulted about the Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak said that encyclopedias have started to be prepared and published in the world since the 18th century and that preparing an encyclopedia is seen as an indicator of intellectual development. Prof. Dr. Kozak continued his words as follows:

“The ability of a society to prepare its own encyclopedia with its own intellectual accumulation is an important indicator of academic and cultural development. Likewise, the fact that an academic branch of study can reach the stage of preparing its own encyclopedia should be accepted as an indicator of proving its maturity.

Turkey Tourism Encyclopedia; It is a completely national study prepared with the contributions of Turkish academics, researchers and graduate students. In a period of six years, 2240 authors wrote a total of 8084 encyclopedia articles in the Turkish Tourism Encyclopedia, which was prepared by two coordinators/editors and 31 researchers. I think that this encyclopedia, which consists of 16 volumes in total, has a special place among the encyclopedias prepared and published in Turkey with its content, scope and some new applications it brings.”

TÜBİTAK Not Considered Worth Supporting

Prof. Dr. Kozak emphasized that the Turkish Encyclopedia of Tourism does not have any other example in the world in terms of scope and content, and explained that they could not receive the interest and support from the places they applied. prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak

“While special paper is produced with the support of the British government and the encyclopedia is printed on this original paper for each new edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, which has been published in England since 1768, it stands as an example.” He added that it is thought-provoking that he gave a rejection response to the project application related to the project.


A wonderful work and hope it will be published in foreign languages as well. I would like it to set an example for other sectors in Turkey. I also congratulate Prof. Kozak on his leadership and pioneer action in Sectoral Encyclopedias.




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