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The Blue Homeland Doctrine and the Eastern Mediterranean 


  1. Does the doctrine cover all seas and nations, is it universal?
  2. Have the concept of Blue Homeland or similar concepts been expressed in other countries and languages?
  3. Have new concepts and terms been developed within the scope of the Blue Homeland conceptual framework? Is further development necessary?
  4. Is there a literature on this subject, is it emerging, has it been reflected in international academic circles, has you been contacted?
  5. What kind of reflections has it had on academic, strategic and national defense, national security environment and public opinion in the world.
  6. Is there a world consensus on the concept of Blue Homeland? What needs to be done to make it happen?
  7. What kind of work should be done to think and develop strategic concepts?
  8. Can we expect an increase in our neighbors from the sea due to our Blue Homeland map?
  9. Can the concept of Blue Homeland turn into an international convention?
  10. Have other countries had a Blue Homeland declaration or initiative?
  11. Was it timely to act on the concept of the Blue Homeland, or was it too late?
  12. What kind of reactions have been received from the addressee countries?
  13. Is the concept in favor of each country individually? Is there a win-win synthesis?
  14. Do you foresee our EEZ agreements with Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria from Libya to the east?
  15. What is the size of the added value that will be created for the participating countries in the event that the EEZ areas of the Eastern Mediterranean are formed under the leadership of Turkey? Can such an initiative at the junction of common interests be the lever of an Eastern Mediterranean Union in the Eastern Mediterranean, the crucible of civilizations?



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