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Tea Talk Habit in Turkey

The tea habit in Turkey on TV programme.

It’s become borderline OCD.

It’s far superior than being seen with a Pepsi, Coke or Beer.

Though Turks do not have proverbs on tea and tea drinking as tea is later introduced drinking in Turkey, Turks are no1 tea drinkers and they have special glass tumblers and drinking styles. When it comes to tea drinking Turks look like Japanese with thir elegant stylish behaviours for drinking and eating.

Turks have developed philosophy with their language which is very rich and very traveller plus with tea drinking habits.

Tea is like air and water for Turks.



  • Maybe tea was not born in these lands, maybe coffee took more place in our culinary history. Let it be. We loved the tea. Enough to call ourselves tea drinkers.
  • We wrote poems for it, scribbled on walls, always called it more than just a drink.
  • In short, we called ourselves tea drinkers.

So who is the real tea drinker?

  • If you can’t start the day without tea while others are talking about coffee
  • If you say “Breakfast is not with orange juice but with tea”
  • If you can’t come to your senses without drinking at least 5 cups of tea during the day
  • If the hot weather does not prevent you from drinking tea
  • If you burn the bottom of the tea as soon as you enter the house
  • You can tell if the tea is fresh by looking at its color.

Turkish Tea

  • If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Food fills the stomach, tea fills the soul”
  • Tea is not just a beverage for you…
  • Sipping with the people you love…
  • If it’s a reason for an indescribable conversation
  • If you forget your tiredness with a sip from your slim waist

  • If you’ve ever heard the whisper of tea being brewed on the stove at least once in your life
  • If you do not have very sympathetic feelings towards tea bags
  • If you think that a sip of tea on the ferry makes all the troubles go to the sea.
  • If you are looking for tea with you even while looking at the most beautiful view in the world

  • If poems with tea in them can brew life better
  • If you think that for a house to be a home, tea must be brewed in it.
  • “Is it time for tea, am I English?” if you can say
  • If you hold the people you drink tea with different from others
  • Loneliness is what you call “I’m brewing tea, will you drink it?” if you know up to the question

You are a true tea drinker

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