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Snapshot: BooksonTurkey.com

  1. 16 years (2006) domain
  2. Over 1200 entries
  3. Over 3000 photos
  4. 50 categories
  5. 25 authors
  6. Black-White photos
  7. “Books on Turkey” is not limited to studies on Turkey; It also includes historical, cultural, social and political research on countries and societies “beyond Turkey”;
  8. It stretches from Europe to the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East, the Near East, the Central, South and South East of Asia.
  9. With books, bazaars, businesses, travelers, nomads, towns, mountains, rivers, seas, antiquity, first settlers, literature, philosophy, wisdom, olives, endemics, language, hospitality, smiles on faces,
  10. Turkey is the key to the world’s creative solutions. ; such and more in the continental peninsulas of humanity’s faith and eternity.


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