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Shifting of Miletus Bay, Turkey

That’s an amazing map. The area I have enclosed in a black dot was once the sea. All that remained was the Gulf of Latmos, namely Lake Bafa. Ships would come up to there and unload their cargo to Herakleia Latmos/Kapıkırı Port. The map showing the slime, sand and mud layer brought by the Büyük Menderes River, which once flowed madly and freely but today flows fearfully, before filling the bay. (earthquake also effective) Cities such as Priene, Miletos and Myus were once port cities.

It’s good to do it again and again.

We will talk about all of them on our 29-30-31 October trip to Latmos, Caria Region. Contact Directory Mehmet Twentyfive: 05394992640 (Linka Turizm 11965)
Map: Wikipedia
Selahattin Aydin

Selim Catkin
At the very mouth of the bay, during the Ionian revolt in 494 BC, the Lade naval battle was fought between the Persians and the Ionian troops. Lade Island, which was in a strategic position at that time, was on the hill where today’s Batıköy is located.

Mehmet Ali Dinc
This summer I visited Didim Apollon temple, Miletos and Herakleia. The Pyrenees was closed, we could see it from afar. Fascinating indeed. Learning about its history is exciting.

Sayyid Yigit Kemerkaya
It is said that the Miletians complained about the Great Menderes river god to the Temple of Apollo, and the temple found the Miletians right.

Metin Sokullu
Lake Bafa and its surroundings are a touristic place for Turkey as much as Venice, with a very different geological structure, history and unique eels.

Murat Yalcin
Every year the sea side continues to fill more and more.
Kilinc Coskun
If you come to Didim from Kusadasi, you realize that there is an alluvial fill from the flat and low plain here. The meander continues to flow calmly through the middle of this embankment.
Ilhan Isler
If they dig the hill where the island of Lade is… they find the remains of the Persian navy…

Ozden Gungor
I was amazed that the back of the ancient theater of Miletus was the harbor

Serdar Eser
Is there a date for the Lycian tour?
Willys Tunc Ace
I read that the direction of the river was changed in BC so that the Izmir Bay would not be filled in the same way.
Hüsnü Asmaz
exactly right….miletos was the biggest port of the aegean, now it is on land. i’m in that region… so are priene and myusta… i guess it’s the same in ephesus…

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