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Scholars Studying the History of Turkish Thought

The research studies on the History of Turkish Intellectual History, initiated in the 19th century by İsmail Hakkı İzmirli, which  is  at the top of the list, were crowned with the Hilmi Ziya Ülken ‘s monumental work, published in the 1930s, with the HISTORY of TURKISH CONSIDERATION.
Ülken’s student,  Süleyman Hayri Bolay  , published his 8-volume work “Turkish Thinkers from the Tanzimat to the Present” in 2015, which sheds light on the history of Turkish thought.

As a result of these studies, our 2500-year-old WISDOM Mission has achieved enormous works of art with the Ahi solidarity of all three Hodjas.

Books, articles, papers and conferences published in recent years by our thinkers, starting from the 11th to the 25th; They are extremely important works in terms of presenting the Turkish Intellectual History with its unity in time (history) and space (geography).

These works introduce us to our mental map and conceptual framework since our first thinker, Bilge Tonyukuk.
The existence of a solid thought activity and planning in the background of our civilization is brought to light with these works.
  1. İsmail Hakkı İzmirli, 1869-1946
  2. Fuad Köprülü, 1890-1966
  3. Hilmi Ziya Ülken, 1901-1974
  4. Niyazi Berkes, 1908-1988
  5. Aydın Sayılı, 1913-1993
  6. Tarik Zafer Tunaya, 1916-1991
  7. Şerif Mardin, 1927-
  8. İbrahim Agah Çubukçu, 1928-
  9. Dogan Ergun, 1932-
  10. Mete Tuncay, 1936-
  11. Süleyman Hayri Bolay, 1937-
  12. Alev Alatli, 1944-
  13. Kurtulus Kayali, 1949-
  14. Yalçın Koç, 1950-
  15. Kenan Gursoy, 1950-
  16. Ismail Kara, 1955
  17. Sukru Hanioglu, 1955-
  18. Ayhan Bıçak, 1956 –
  19. Said Başer, 1957-
  20. Erol Goka, 1959-
  21. Süleyman Seyfi Ogun, 1959
  22. Huseyin Gazi Topdemir, 1962
  23. Yusuf Kaplan, 1964-
  24. İhsan Fazlıoğlu, 1966-
  25. Fatih M. Şeker

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