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Rug (Zili) Bag, Yenice town, Çanakkale, 44 x 144


Name of the Fabric Rug (Zili) Bag
Where It Touches  Yenice Region
quality 44 x 144
size 44x44cm
Material Used  Double layer wool warp, single layer wool weft
Weaving Technique  Plain Weave, bell
Composition The Elibelinde motif is placed in bands with the transverse bell weaving technique. A band is formed at the beginning and end of the weaving, and the interior is decorated by taking a section from the motifs of the weaving. The back of the fabric is woven into bands with colored threads. In order to become a woven bag, it is folded and joined at the edges and the edges are knitted with colored pattern threads. It is tied to the mouth of the bag by knitting a tie from the pattern threads. It is tied to the edges by making tassels from pattern threads.
motifs man, hand on waist
warp Double wool warp
Scarf Single layer wool scarf
Colors Used  Red, white, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, brown, black


Man, hand on waist motif : This motif is the symbol of femininity and fertility. It also symbolizes abundance, fertility, luck, fortune and happiness. It was widely used in weavings in Anatolia. Many mountains in Anatolia have been given the names of various mother goddesses. The mountain known as Mount Ida in mythology was named Mount Ida. Mount Ida in mythology is the place where the Sarıkız Legend, which tells about an innocent and pure love, takes place. Ida or Kaz Mountain is the mountain where Paris, the son of the Trojan King, was a shepherd, the Trojan Wars took place after the Spartan King kidnapped his wife Helena, and Paris was killed after the destruction of Troy.


by Coşkun Yanar




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