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Roman Wisdom: Rome Is An Endless Ocean


by Erhan Altunay (Editor)
Rome is an ageless history for thousands of years…
When it comes to ancient history, Greek and Roman history are always told together. However, Rome developed a distinctive and incomparable culture and dominated a vast world geography with a mentality completely different from Greek thought. Undoubtedly, the Roman people, who pioneered the birth of a huge empire from a small village, had their own unique lifestyle and philosophy. This understanding of life has made Rome a country that dominates the world. Even today, Roman law is still taught, and Roman literature maintains its vitality.
This book, which reveals that Roman philosophy, way of thinking and culture is the basis of a wisdom that is not alien to today’s people, contains ancient and deep-rooted information based on building the ways of a better quality life, and opens this wisdom of thousands of years again to the guidance of humanity.

Roman Wisdom

Words fly, writing remains

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

All roads lead to Rome.

The religion of the people is what the religion of the ruler is.

Spend time on the forum

Obtaining wool from a donkey.

Learn all from one example

Hell calls hell.

A memory from one disaster is another disaster.

Getting used to despair is worse than despair itself.

I believe because it’s ridiculous…

The wise man does not say what he cannot prove.

Speech has been given to many, but soul wisdom to few…

The wise man speaks little.

To the stupid man, silence seems like wisdom.

Knowing when to speak and when to shut up is a great thing.

Live first, then philosophize.

Business is not bullshit.

The deepest rivers are the quietest flowing.

When the judge gives a verdict for an event, he also gives about himself.

Be careful what you say, where you say it and who you say it to!

The liar must be a person with a good memory.

Don’t talk to the sun.

He who teaches learns.

Be careful before you start something you’ll regret later.

Sometimes it’s good to be crazy.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Do not think that all that shines like gold is gold.

A beard does not make a philosopher.

Man is man’s wolf.

I’m afraid of the Greeks, especially if they give presents.

A single person is nobody.

He who does not do good has no right to ask.

Whoever says he is doing good will demand favor.

From now on I will be a good person: this never has been and never will be. Nothing is too strong to be possessed by money. Money should be commanded, not served.

If someone is poor and not bad, he is worthless. If he’s rich and bad, he’ll be a good customer.

The donkey rubs the donkey.

Crazy people think everyone else is crazy but themselves.

Life and Death for the Romans

The road is long, life is short.

Art is long life is short.

The good life lived twice.

As long as life lasts, so does hope.

If victory is to come after death, I am in no hurry.

Fate smiles in the face of the brave. The master who fears those he rules becomes their slave.

Work beats everything.

The stars are reached by difficult ways.

He who goes overseas does not change his soul, but the heavens.

There is no arguing about taste.

A true friend is revealed on a dark day.

As long as you are lucky (happy), you will have many friends.

You will know the temper of your friend, you will not hate.

The fox can change its skin, but never its disposition.

Patriotism lead the way.

It is sweet and honorable to die for the country.

The result justifies what has been done.

If the result is good, everything will be fine. Taking advantage of other people’s past is living twice.


Love for the Romans
A person either loses his mind or becomes a poet.
Lovers are crazy.
Love conquers all and let us surrender ourselves to Love.
And I can neither live with you nor without you.
The rage of lovers is the restoration of love.
Love conquers all.
Show me a self-controlled lover and I’ll give it its weight in gold.
Love is blind.
Old love is a wound.
He who opens it himself heals the wound of love.
Beware of Amor, never declare war.
The farther love is out of sight, the farther away it is from the soul.
Outward beauty in love is more important than good advice.
Every love dies when a new one comes along.
Falling in love is the gain of life for the young and a crime for the old.
If youth could know, if old age could. The one who loves a lot hits the ground even more.
Fate that rules the world
Fate rules life, not wisdom.
Fools fear Fate, wise accept it.
It won’t always be summer.
It won’t always be Saturnalia.
What can happen to one can happen to anyone.
Today for me, tomorrow for you.
Fate finds its way.
Pharbus behind the clouds.
It is better to believe in your own virtues than to believe in Destiny.
If you think why he ran away, you often see him.
Whatever you fear will happen to you sooner than you expect.
He who knows how to want what he needs gets what he wants.
Man does not look at what is in front of his feet, but searches what is in the sky.
Time is running out.
Time is passing, time is passing my dear, alas! Time is not us. And soon we’ll be lying under the ground. There will come a time when looking in the mirror will make you sad. And that sadness will cause more wrinkles.
I am the future version of you, when I was like you…
May the earth be light to you.
The worst of the wicked, death means nothing to us, because when we exist there is no death, and when death comes we are not. May God not frighten you, do not worry about death, you get good things easily, you endure bad things easily.
You wasted oil.
Adding oil to the oven.
Everything flows and nothing stands still. Everything changes and we change with them.
Times change and we change with them.
Time is the best healing art.
The cure for pain is patience.
It’s done, let’s see what’s left.
Romans everyday wisdom
To err is human.
Although it is human to err, only fools continue to make the same mistake.
People believe more easily what they want. The bad habit never goes without a teacher.
Danger is invincible without taking the risk. Those who want peace prepare for war.
If you want peace, prepare for war.
It’s easy to descend into hell. Its doors are open day and night, but to go back and see the sky. The real work is the real effort.
Whoever can beat himself in a field of victory wins twice.
Watch out for the dog, it will lick you to death. I think that man and nothing human are alien.
Famous Roman Quotes
It’s stupid to take a dog that doesn’t want to hunt
The sun illuminates everyone.
Tears shed in someone else’s distress dry quickly.
Even if it is not true, you think that what you like is true.
Fire doesn’t give great light without burning things.
Be tough but be law.
Many are invited, but few are chosen.
The voice of the people is the voice of God.
If something good has been said, I have said it.

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