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Republic of Crimea: Nature.Culture and History Tour by North Travel

October 6, 2021


Dear friends and collegues,

I have been organizing boutique-elite culture-nature tours to Black Sea countries for a long time both as an organizer and as a guide, in cooperation with different travel companies, and then I started to carry out these excursions only through my own company in recent years.

Through my tourism agency named “NORTH TRAVEL”, oriented to the countries and regions which are located at the Northern Black Sea hinterland, I have already been managing travels that are constituting unique and exceptional touristic concept that does not exist almost nowhere, by none of a tourism agency regarding extent and content in Turkey.

In this context, until now, I have taken several hundreds of outstanding, qualified people from quite different environments and provinces, from very different ages and occupational groups to these geographies and regions.

As a result of having been resident in southern Russia for many years, and also having the infrastructure and network to respond to all kinds of groups and requests under all conditions / circumstances, I offer travel packages and trip offers in an extremely unique flexibility and variety, specially beginning from the summer of 2021, especially to the closed travel group candidates.

In this framework, taking into account the characteristics of the global period that is going on in particular; oriented to Georgia and the Russian Federation and Crimea which are Turkey’s closest north-eastern neighbors and also to White Russia (Belarus); I have started organising these trips, tours and I am still continuing, where the whole group itself determines the basic parameters.

In this context, for you, for your respectable corporate and personal circle, I propose tour concepts for the autumn season that we have already entered and the following winter period:

1- Tbilisi  (Georgia)

2- Batumi  (Georgia)

3- Sochi and its surroundings (Russian Federation)

4- Republic of Abkhazia

5- Krasnodar and Adygea Republic (Russian Federation)

6- Azov Sea surroundings (Taganrog + Rostov + Azov) _ Russian Federation

7- Republic of Crimea (long and short tours)

8- Moscow  (Russian Federation)

9- Saint Petersburg  (Russian Federation)

10- Minsk (Belarus – Republic of Belarus).


Your sincerely, with Best regards


OKAY DEPREM / International Cultural-Tourism Organisator and Guide

Istanbul, TURKEY


Instagram: northtravel_2018



Mobile: +90 532 632 35 06.

What’s App: +7 926 633 02 25

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