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Hello my friends, today is Saturday, October 31, 2020. I would like to evaluate the concept of the Republic with you, due to the Republic Day, which we celebrated its 97th anniversary two days ago. The purpose of this assessment is the fact that the content of the republic itself is tied to foreign practices and resources.

However, as in the case of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who was inspired by the practice of separating the state and religion from the practice of Tugrul Bey when he entered Baghdad, the concept of the Republic is not actually rooted in the examples of the Roman or French Republics in the West, but rather from the historical examples of the Turks themselves. from their lives. Let’s talk on it.

When the Turkish Inscriptions are examined, when 103 inscriptions are examined, as a result of this, the Old Turkish Inscriptions published by Hatice Şirin User in the Inscriptions, a thick book, there are statistics in the appendix of the book. When we classify those statistics ourselves, in 103 inscriptions, these are mostly inscriptions from the first and second Gokturk periods.

We determine that the most used word in the inscriptions was Halk, that is, the word Bodun was then Bodun.

There is an important truth coming out of this. The Turkic Khaganate, the state of the Gokturks, the Turkic Khaganate has taken the people as a basis in the administration of the state. Because why is this so? In order to survive, the Khanate, that is, the Göktürk State, has to fight. In order to fight, man needs the power of the people and then the people have a say in the administration and the whole system is God Tengri and the people are all associated with the Sky and the duty of the state is the happiness of the people.

The Republic is actually a fact in the past of Turkish history. This is the case in the Gök Türk state, and this is how it is reflected in the inscriptions. The main thing is the people, the happiness of the people. The duty of the khan is not to enrich himself, but the people, not the dynasty. Now, with the institutionalization of the dynastic structures in the Turkish states in the following centuries, this fact was separated from the people and the people lost their dynamo power in this way, and it was put into the background. Atatürk’s proclamation of the republic is actually a return to the folk phenomenon in these beginnings and roots.

The founding sociologist Ziya Gökalp, who is one of the sources that Atatürk was most inspired by, has a determination.

Let’s wrap up with it. “Genius is in the people.”

I wish you a good weekend, bye.

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