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Psychobiography of Aliya İzetbegoviç

by Professor Erol Göka


Child of human time… The first determiner of our fate, at which time of history of humanity desired that we say hello to the world… In the same vein, we are born into a tradition, a language which attends to a geographical area.

These are among the great determiners of our fate. Biological structure, our family who knows maybe we inherited our psychological structure, as children of whose coming into the world is from the roots of our fate which is never beyond our control…

I said that “Our family who knows maybe we inherited our psychological structure” because recent research shows that probably half of the constituents that make up our personality are genetically determined. We receive our habit, our temperament from the genetic pool of our parents.

The role of the family in the formation of our psychology, in the contraction of our personality is not limited to this. The first years of our childhood and the family environment we spend these years, the joys and the sadness of the family, the strength as well as the weaknesses of family bonds, are also very important.

Thanks to the genetic material on hand as well as these factors, almost all foundations of our psychology, our personality is laid. What kind of person we will be, our characteristic properties are determined in the family environment we live in.

We now know well what Aliya Izetbegovic’s political march is, where, when, what he says as well as what he does. Until now, we have dealt with his magnificent personality traits, the elegance of his Muslimism formed in European history and geography as well as a socialist cultural climate.

We have emphasized that he saw himself primarily as a person and owned everyone’s endeavor that has thought and has labored for humanity from the West and the East, at the same time, he tied to address not only to Muslim Bosnians, but to all Yugoslavia, to the Islamic world and to humanity.

We are now going to try to show the robustness of these features by going to the bases of the personality that it is incoincident, and we will now focus on the harmony between what he lives and what he says.

In one way, we will make an effort to find the fate line which is the admirable journey for all of us.


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