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Proverbs of the Balkan Turks

 Proverbs of Western Thrace Turks
  • Bitter aubergine does not affected from frost.
  • The hungry chicken finds itself in the millet barn.
  • The bandit cannot live without a tree.
  • Don’t give up your own bulgur for the world’s rice.
  • He who seeks finds.
  • Where there is no fire, there is no smoke.
  • You can’t go up the wall with shoes on.
  • The idle grocer weighs his cap.
  • Scolding does a lot of damage.
  • The one who mixes the honey licks his finger.
  • Before returning to the fish, the pan is not put on the fire.
  • Don’t blow someone else’s butt!
  • Feed the crow, let it play out.
  • The muddy finds mana.
  • Neither the servant likes the idle, nor does God.
  • No matter how big the mosque is, the imam still reads what he knows.
  • The one who hurts gets burned.
  • Work my servant, I am the giver.
  • Don’t knock on the hand’s door, they knock on your door.
  • Where the gypsy is going to play, the drum explodes.
  • Remember the gypsy, put your stick next to you!
  • A fenceless vineyard becomes a mountain.
  • The sound of the drum is well heard from afar.
  • It makes him crazy, his relatives are ashamed.
  • A male dog is not allowed in until the female dog wags her tail.
  • There is no smokeless chimney, no husband without a fight.
  • A dog is not tempered with a wedding bone.
  • The world cannot be seen with the eye of the hand.
  • It is not possible to get angry with a donkey and get rid of the saddle.
  • Instead of killing the poor, take your shirt!
  • Cone by day, armed by night.
  • Groom’s soil was taken from mother-in-law’s soil.
  • A person who will not be able to make pilgrimage, will be bitten by a snake on the top of the camel.
  • Every cry ends with a laugh.
  • Work for the world as if you will never die, for the next world as if you will die tomorrow.
  • Where are my two bundles, my dear there.
  • The age of the woman and the salary of the man are not asked.
  • Daughter is rotten goods.
  • Have rotten meat, flies come from Baghdad.
  • The word is spoken to man.
  • With tongs, don’t burn your hand.
  • How you do it, so you find it.
  • A dead donkey is not afraid of the wolf.
  • Throw bread to those who throw stones at you.
  • Confused duck goes off his ass.
  • Plow the field, shepherd the sheep.
  • The new rich are feared.
  • The money of the rich makes the poor man’s mouth tired.
Proverbs of Turks of Bulgaria
  • The novice farrier learns on the shepherd’s donkey.
  • Are you hungry, stealing is not a sin.
  • Aga, not a donkey!
  • Look at the mouth, act with a bayonet.
  • Whatever the mother is, so will the calf.
  • The bee does not run away from honey.
  • The shoe of a donated donkey is not looked at.
  • A tree can be understood by its fruit.
  • For an Arab, not all Arabia sinks.
  • It comes from the throat.
  • To the crazy girl, every day is a wedding-holiday.
  • The meat is from the arm, the wife is from the pedigree, the dog is from the dairy.
  • Let the wolves eat the useless sheep!
  • Youth is a disgrace, old age is a farce.
  • Don’t listen to every word.
  • He who does good finds evil.
  • The goat also has a beard.
  • One who sees the wolf, one knows, two who don’t.
  • If it was rice, it would be as fat as tuna.
  • The property is like its owner.
  • Whoever has the seal, he is Solomon.
  • How long are we left, hey veteran sultan: donkey became a gunsmith, mule became a seal.
  • Ripe pears fall on their own.
  • The borrower, of course, will give.
  • The sultan eats his bread, reads Muscovy’s prayer.
  • A man without money, a stove without wood.
  • With patience, the grove becomes molasses, and the mulberry leaf becomes an atlas.
  • Health is the greatest asset.
  • Riding a hard horse is good.
  • Can’t light a candle for the devil.
  • The bellman shouted: everyone to their own enjoyment!
Proverbs of  Gagauz Turks

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