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Prof. Dr. Çevik wrote Lycia

AKDENİZ University Faculty of Letters, Archeology Department Lecturer and Head of Myra – Andriake Excavations in Antalya’s Demre district, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik wrote ‘Lykia’. Published by the Turkish Historical Society, Prof. Dr. Çevik’s new book met with readers.

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik has written the most comprehensive book on Lycia so far. Prof. Dr. Çevik’s book ‘Lykia’ consists of 600 pages and two parts. The first part covers the history, nature and culture of Lycia. The second part includes cities and settlements. In the book, 130 settlements belonging to the Lycian League are described with their archeology, history and culture. 130 Lycian cities are composed of large, medium and small scaled settlements, some of which are cities, some are towns, some are villages, and some are garrison. In the book, all 130 cities are presented to the reader with colorful aerial photographs, maps and rich visual material.

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik stated that Lykia first met the readers in Turkish and said:

“Soon, the world will meet with the world of science and archeology in English. I can say that it is the most comprehensive book ever written on Lycia. Now there is a reference book for Lycia, West Antalya, in Turkish and English. You can find the answer to every question that comes to your mind when you think of Lycia in this book. One of the most important aspects of this book is that it covers the main subjects such as Lycia’s history, beliefs, writing, art, urbanism, architecture, livelihoods and social structure.

The other is that almost all Lycian settlements are given together. In addition, my book was published by the Turkish Historical Society, which was founded by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to research Turkish history. It is a special honor for me to be presented to the readers. The price of the book is 80 TL. A price that anyone can buy and read. I wish my book to be a gift to the scientific world on the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Historical Society. This book is a guide for learning and understanding Lycia.”

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