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Proclus: A Philosopher born in Istanbul (412-485)

Everything is in everything. Panta en Pasin

Everything starts with him and continues to exist with him.

Only intelligent souls can experience the happiness of intelligence.

To discover and understand the real reason is to follow the path of metaphysics.

Being, life, and mind exist between eternity and impermanence.

Understanding the logical system underlying motion is philosophy.

He is above everything.

Mind is a principle that governs His thoughts.

Every productive cause is superior to the element it produces.

The sensual realm and the spiritual realm are in different places in the minds of individuals.

Eternity, which is superior to time, cannot be measured by anything if nothing joins it.

If the world immanently resides in eternity, it becomes part of eternity with its whole being.

Everything is overflowing with gods.

Of course, the gods’ judgment is final. But as for us, we should be content to approach these things, for we speak according to probability, and our lessons are myths.

Where there is mathematics, there is beauty.

Magic is talking to god.

Obelisk and Proclus in Istanbul:

When we examine the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the four faces of the obelisk that adorns the Sultanahmet Square, we see that King Tutmosis the third had this monument erected in memory of his victories over his enemies in Asian lands. The following is written on the obelisk.

On the eastern side of the obelisk on the marble pedestal, the following is written in Latin:

At first I resisted, but I am commanded to bow to my great lord and carry the wreath of his victory over the tyrants, all obeying Theodosius and his long line. Thus I was overcome, and I was compelled to ascend three times in ten days under the rule of Proclus.

On the inscription facing the west side, it is written in Greek:

Only Emperor Theodosius had the audacity to erect the four-sided pillar, which lay on the ground with all its weight for a long time. To accomplish this task, he summoned Proclus to help so that the stone could be erected in 32 days.

It is believed that this obelisk protects the city from evil. Evliya Çelebi refers to this stone as a talisman.


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